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Home Towels

Home Towels

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Bathrooms Towels

Bathrooms Towels

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Hotel and Massage Centres Textiles

Hotel and Massage Centres Textiles


Tebadul International Trading Company provides service of wh...


Tebadul International Trading Company provides the service o...


Tebadul International Trading Company provides the service o...

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Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets

Quality and Features of Textile Products in Turkey

It is no secret that Turkish textile products have distinctive quality, invading the world markets and the shelves of luxury stores, due to important main reasons:

  1. Superior products in terms of quality and raw materials.
  2. Turkish textiles are diverse including all kinds of products (Turkish carpets, Turkish clothing of all kinds, fabrics and fabric threads, woollen, cotton and silk textiles, natural and artificial ones, tulle and embroidery, curtains, covers, bathrobes and towels, bed sheets, textiles of covers, duvet covers, various accessories...).
  3. Prices are reasonable compared to their counterparts of similar quality.

Turkish Textile Products by Tebadul

Since Tadawul is one of the leading professional companies in international trade, it has taken it upon itself to provide all Turkish products from its sources directly, with the best materials at the most suitable prices.

Not to mention, it also offers luxury Turkish carpets, curtains, linens, towels and others...


Most Turkish towels and bathrobes producers are concentrated in Istanbul, Bursa, Tekirdag, Izmir, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Usak. Denizli alone contains more than 190 companies producing cotton towels and bathrobes of all kinds.

That is why Denizli has a large share in the exports of textile products, with about 90% of local products exported worldwide.

The Turkish towel sector has traditional roots, with its towels known as (Turkish towels) all over the world.

The Turkish towel sector also has a competitive ability in the global markets in terms of jacquard and embroidery techniques, and lace that is commonly used in many home textiles.

Lace is one of the origins of handicraft in Turkey, it is an art of embroidery dating back to the middle of the sixteenth century, which Turkish women have mastered as a prominent handicraft, making traditional art and decorations of various colours, shapes and lines, which are still reflected today in modern home decorations.

Turkish towels and bathrobes are mostly made from local cotton produced in the Aegean region, one of the finest in the world. These towels are famous all over the world for their distinctive softness, absorption, thickness and density.

Textile Products in Turkey

Kits and Linens

Linen usually means household textile products intended for everyday use, such as bed linen, tablecloths and accessories, curtains, blankets, pillows, duvets, cushions, covers, carpets used in decoration and hung on walls, and sleeping bags.

The home textile industry is a sub-sector of the Turkish textile industry, the fourth largest supplier in the world, and the second largest supplier in the European Union, and Turkey currently plays a prominent role in global trade to meet high standards.

Are Textile Prices in Turkey Acceptable and Competitive?

Turkish textiles are generally competitive, with high quality, significantly in the global markets.

Comparing wholesale prices between any two identical textile products, Turkish and foreign, we can find the difference that allows more profit, all with quality and models.

Methods of Importing Textiles from Turkey and How does Tebadul Help You

Tebadul International Trading Company provides customers with a smooth import mechanism for all products and brands of luxury Turkish textiles, at reasonable and competitive prices, providing a smooth mechanism for shipping and exporting.

Tebadul also provides all import services including the selection of products, delivery of goods, shipping and packaging services, and customs clearance facilities.


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Frequently Asked Questions About  Turkish Textile Products 

Yes, it is recommended to import textiles from Turkey because the textile industry is one of the oldest Turkish industries in history.

 Even though this industry is one of the oldest industries in Turkey, this did not prevent it from keeping up with the latest modern models and entering strongly into the industrial market.

As a result, the demand for imported textiles from Turkey has increased during the recent period.

Tebadul International Trading Company offers various types of Turkish textiles, including the following: home towels, bathrobes, hotel and massage centres textiles, quilts, blankets, pillows, sheets, bedspreads and other sets and bed linen.

A study by consulting group McKinsey published in November 2021 stated that Turkey came third among the countries with the best potential to supply textiles by 2025, after Bangladesh and Vietnam, ahead of Indonesia and China.

The study's authors wrote that companies in the clothing sector are seeking to change the range of supplier countries they deal with and get closer to their markets, noting that Turkey offers lower production costs.

The import of Turkish textiles must have certain conditions, there is no room to detail them here, but you can learn about them by surfing Tebadul’s website.