DHW Vertical Tanks (delivers hot water)

The water tank is used in solar water heating plants as an essential part of the heating system, as the tank is placed in a spot to receive the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, and is designed to best store the solar energy.

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DHW Vertical Tanks (delivers hot water)

DHW Vertical Tanks (delivers hot water) specification 

The sizes of the tanks used in solar water heating plants vary according to the size of the system and the needs of users, as the tanks are built of materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, or reinforced concrete, and these tanks are well insulated to maintain the temperature of the water stored in them.

The water tank is connected to pipes that transport water to the points of use, while the water temperature is controlled using a temperature control switch pre-installed in the tank.

The water tank can be effectively used in power plants to provide hot water for use in homes, and commercial and industrial buildings, being economical, environmentally friendly and an alternative to the use of fossil fuels to heat water.

Shelf  Life

The lifespan of solar water tank used in solar heating plants varies depending on many factors, such as the quality of the materials used, the design and size of the tank, and the climate conditions.

However, the lifespan of tank water used in solar heating plants can be approximately 10-20 years if maintained regularly. In general, corrosion and the impact of climate conditions can be reduced by following regular maintenance.

DHW Vertical Tanks (delivers hot water)

DHW Vertical Tanks (delivers hot water)

Advantage details

The water tank used in solar water heating plants is used to store hot water produced by solar heating systems during periods of intense solar radiation, and it contains many advantages, including:

1- Sustainability: Solar water heating plants are an important way to prolong energy utilization because they rely on renewable solar energy, and therefore reduce our dependence on fossil fuels that are depleted with time.

2- High Efficiency: The water tank improves the efficiency of the solar heating system, as it collects hot water stored during periods of high solar radiation, with high efficiency, which helps to save time, energy and resources.

3- Permanent Availability of Hot Water: The water tank provides hot water continuously for domestic or commercial uses, as the hot water resulting from the water tank can be used for a long time without the need to reheat it again.

4- Cost Savings: Using a solar heating system with a water tank is one of the most cost-effective means of heating water in homes and buildings, where installation and maintenance costs are much lower than the costs of an electric or gas heating system.

5- Saving Space: The water tank helps to save space, as the solar panels and the water tank are installed in the same place, so the occupancy of the space is within the required limit.

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