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Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes

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Child health is the main concern of families and medical professionals. Hygiene is the main element for the health of the child, so laboratories in general and in Turkey, in particular, are working to develop everything related to this field, the most important of which is the quality and effectiveness of wipes and baby diapers.

Quality and Features of Diapers and Wet Wipes Products in Turkey

The manufacture of tissues, wet wipes and baby diapers features great care and attention, due to the sensitivity and importance of the subject.

The availability of labour, modernity in manufacturing, raw materials, and the follow-up of permanent control and competition in prices make these products acquire special advantages, quality in production that conforms to specifications, in addition to the speed in securing the required quantities from traders and customers.

Information about Tebadul Diapers and Wipes

We review with you the most important information related to wet wipes and baby hygiene care products provided by Tebadul Trading Company.

Wet Wipes

There are many areas of use for wet wipes, not only for the young, but they can be used for adults, such as guests, restaurant customers, beauty salons, and more.

Tebadul Trading Company provides wet wipes for baby care manufactured for multiple uses; there are different sizes and weights, some of them are with very pleasant smells, and some of them are normal without adding scents.

Turkish wet wipes feature quality, a variety of pleasant scents, and their ability to compete in the local and global markets.

Diapers and wet wipes in Turkey

Baby Diapers

Many laboratories provide high-quality, durable, and multiple sizes of diapers at competitive prices. Teya Baby brand in Turkey is one of the finest diapers, as it is healthy and soft on the child's skin, effective for long times, and does not lead to skin sensitivity.

Its thickness has been studied so as not to hinder the movement of the child, and its rubber edges are soft so as not to cause redness as a result of the friction that can be caused by other commercial types.

Are the Prices of Diapers and Wet Wipes in Turkey Good and Competitive?

The prices of wet wipes and baby hygiene supplies in Turkey are generally related to sizes, the number of diapers in the package, and the number of orders from the importer; the more the number requested, the cheaper the price.

Because there are raw materials in Turkey, a lot of manpower, and quality in industry and production conforming to international specifications, the prices will be suitable for the importer, and able to compete in the local and international markets.

Importing diapers from Turkey

Ways to Import Diapers and Wet Wipes from Turkey and How Tebadul Company Helps you

Wet wipes and baby health products can be imported from Turkey in several ways, as follows:

  • Travel to Turkey and personal direct demand: This is what Tebadul experts recommend to check goods on the ground.
  • Hiring a commercial broker: It means assigning a company specializing in the field of import and export to secure the required products in exchange for an agreed amount of money.
  • Online order: Although easy, it is risky, as you can choose the right products to be imported, and order and ship them from Turkey, but you should be aware of some fictitious companies' websites.

The steps to import products are almost identical to most countries, after studying the economic feasibility, studying the price and type and comparing offers to the local market, the method of shipping and the most appropriate means is chosen, and then determine the quality and quantity, an agreement is reached with the shipping company to deliver the product to the destination.


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