Wholesale Trade of Hospital Bed Sheets - Import from Turkey

Wholesale Trade of Hospital Bed Sheets - Import from Turkey

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Turkish Hospital Bed Sheets - What Are The Advantages?

The Turkish hospital bed sheets are intended for one-time use only, they are of high quality, smooth texture, and take into account the health needs of the sick, disabled, and the elderly who have trouble in moving, paralyzed, or who have a stroke, these sheets have a good thickness, absorbent, and easy to use.

hospital bed sheets

Information about the prices of hospital bed sheets - wholesale selling

You will find a range of sizes available for bed bedsheets which allow for a comfortable sleep on the bed and other types of high-quality health products promoted by Tebadul company.

Wholesale bed sheets sold at the cheapest special prices to wholesale traders in the Arab world, the Middle East, and all other countries.

import hospital bed sheets from Turkey

Hospital Bed Sheets By Tebadul - What Are The Available Sizes?

Tebadul International Trading Company offers importing hospital bed sheets from Turkey, which are characterized by their flexibility, softness, and great ability to absorb liquids, as the hospital bed sheets are manufactured with various sizes, including:

  1. 60×60 cm.
  2. 60×90 cm.
  1. 80×120 cm.

Importing Hospital Bed Sheets From Turkey - Method of Packing, Packaging, and Shipping

Tebadul International Trading Company do import bed sheets from Turkey to countries of the Arab world and the Middle East, the company provides suitable prices for all wholesale traders, as for the packing method; every 10 pieces of bed sheets are put in one bag, some other bags can have 30 pieces of sheets in them.

After that, every 10 bags of 10 pieces are put in one package, and every 4 bags of 30 pieces are put in another package then they are shipped to wholesale traders in the Middle East and other countries as well.

Turkish hospital bed sheets

Services of Tebadul Company in the field of international trade

Tebadul International Trading Company arranges all the things related to the product packing and packaging and takes care of shipping procedures whether in Turkey or in the importing country, the company also facilitate all processes related to customs clearance by assigning specialists to carry out customs transactions.

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