Shipping services to and from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

Shipping services to and from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

The shipping process is one of the most important stages of the commercial business, its success contributes greatly to the success of your business.

Shipping operations from Turkey and other industrialized countries, that have the necessary resources for the industry of our time, have developed greatly, and in turn, this has contributed in the expansion of international trade and encouraged importers to search for the best merchandise options no matter how far the producing countries are, as shipping processes are becoming easy and diverse.

The development of shipping operations has also contributed in spreading merchandise around the world, expanded markets of the producing countries, and enabled the importing countries to find all products even if these products were not previously available in their markets, or if they did not have the raw materials or sufficient expertise to manufacture them.

What is commercial shipping?

Commercial shipping is a complex process that consists of several processes that move commercial merchandise and products from one region to another, and from the producing country to any country around the world.

land shipping in Turkey

What is the difference between shipping and transportation?

Transportation is moving merchandise from one place to another.

While the shipping usually consists of several transportation processes, the shipping starts from the moment the products are received from the factory and transported to the port, in addition to what accompanies that process of services including storage, packing, packaging, and customs clearance until the products arrive in the last means of transportation (by road, sea, or air) to be shipped to its final destination in the importing country.

What are the types of shipping?

The commercial shipping consists of three main types categorized according to the method used in shipping, they are:

1.    Land Shipping:

It is one of the most important way used in shipping, but it almost has negatives as much as the positives it has, for example, land shipping in Turkey is considered suitable for neighboring countries that have land borders, but it is not considered suitable for the remote countries, also, the possibility of traffic accidents during the transportation of merchandise is an additional thing to be considered, not to mention the crossing procedures between countries.

commercial shipping

2.    Sea shipping:

It is the most important shipping means and the most reliable due to its varied options, low cost, and high safety rate.

Although its journey extends for long periods compared to air shipping, it remains the optimal shipping tool considering all its advantages, and usually, it has special procedures in terms of the required documents and customs clearance procedures.

3.    Air Shipping:

Air shipping in Turkey is the fastest shipping method ever as the merchandise can arrive at its destination in one day or less.

Air shipping is the most expensive means of shipping and it is very specific in terms of merchandise types that can be transported through it. The air shipping does not have the flexibility of sea shipping in Turkey; through which all types of merchandise can be shipped.

Air shipping generally has greater facilities than others in terms of customs clearance and its receiving procedures.

Shipping companies in Turkey, in Istanbul particularly

Istanbul is considered the Turkish economy's capital, and it has the commercial agencies and trade representation offices of most Turkish products.

To meet the requirements of customers and importers continuously and directly, the shipping companies are available in Istanbul and they play a big role in covering the renewable shipping needs from Turkey all day long.

shipping companies in Turkey

Through our specialized staff and our expert team in Tebadul International Trading Company, we provide our customers with the best shipping services to most countries of the world at the best possible prices and several shipping options, we also provide all the services that accompany the shipping process such as packing and packaging...

The best and fastest shipping from Turkey

Of course, air shipping is the fastest shipping method of all, but its costs are high and may not match the price of the shipped merchandise sometimes.

But with the expertise of our distinguished staff in Tebadul International Trading Company and through our strong relations in the Turkish market, especially in the shipping field, we guarantee you the best offers for the fastest and most secure shipping methods.

What does Tebadul International Trading Company offer in all types of commercial shipping?

Tebadul International Trading Company secures all shipping services from Turkey by land, sea, and air through its strategic partnerships throughout the Turkish territories, to secure the needs of its customers whether by securing all kinds of vehicles for shipping to meet the land shipping demands,

or through its logistic services in the air shipping by selecting the best airlines to ensure that the shipment arrives on time, in addition to the professional packing process that the air shipping requires to control its cost and obtaining the best price from the carrier company, in addition to preparing the merchandise and transporting them to the airport inside Turkey.

shipping rates from Turkey

Or through the marine shipping services as we have a network of relationships that extend through the most important Turkish export ports, in addition to what accompanies it of inland transportation services from the factories to the exporting ports through our professional team.

Tebadul International Trading Company also provides all the accompanying services for shipping, such as packing, packaging, customs clearance, and other logistic services and official documents necessary for shipping, we provide all of that at the best possible offers for shipping costs from Turkey. We are proud to be the partners of your successful business and a trustworthy party for our customers through the excellence and comprehensiveness of our services.

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