Shipping and Costs from Turkey to Libya and 2024

Shipping and Costs from Turkey to Libya and 2024

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Shipping Routes from Turkey to Libya

Libya is an important trade partner for Turkey, with cooperation agreements in all areas that have reached alliance and strategic relations.

Libya and Turkey are separated by a maritime border, the Mediterranean sea, for up to three travel days only. After the international agreement between the two countries to consolidate and integrate maritime borders, movement and trade between the two countries flourished.

Trade between Libya and Turkey reached $2.3 billion annually and is expected to exceed $3 billion in the coming period, especially after Libya has experienced political and security stability in the recent period.

A large number of Turkish companies work in Libya, where Turkish companies have succeeded in winning many tenders for Libyan government projects from the implementation of infrastructure and other projects for decades, and Libya was the first foreign country where Turkish contracting companies have worked since the founding of Turkey.

Libya imports from Turkey all manufacturing products food, furniture, electrical appliances, automobiles, and defence industries, while raw materials and oil are imported from Libya to Turkey.

Trade between the two countries is done in two ways, often through sea shipping and air freight.

Sea Shipping from Turkey to Libya

Goods and products are shipped from Turkey through its various ports overlooking its four seas, and cargo ships move to the Mediterranean Sea, all the way to Libya through the port of Misrata or the port of Tripoli.

Commercial ships depart on a direct route between the two countries without any obstacles, a direct route resulting from the maritime demarcation agreement between Libya and Turkey, which has integrated the border between the two countries in a way that facilitates their trade.

Shipping from Turkey to Libya

Airfreight from Turkey to Libya

This type of shipping between Turkey and Libya is for those who want to transport their goods very quickly, as the majority of merchants and cargo owners prefer to transport their goods by sea shipping, but those who wish to transport their goods more quickly choose air freight.

Airfreight from Turkey to Libya is often carried out through Ataturk International Airport and is transported by Turkish Airlines, one of the world's best airlines, to transport passengers and cargo to different international destinations.

Prices and Shipping Costs from Turkey to Libya

The high and low prices and costs of shipping from Turkey to Libya relate to various factors, such as time and date, the type of goods or the method of shipment and the size and weight of the shipment, and the companies through which they will be shipped.

Thanks to Turkey's active commercial sector, the country thrives in various shipping companies, and companies compete with each other to provide the best prices and services.

Tebadul International Trading Company recommends choosing the most experienced trading broker in the Turkish market, to ensure that the best shipping rates are obtained from Turkey.

In general, sea shipping is less expensive than air freight, and air freight depends heavily on weight, i.e., the greater the weight of the goods transported, the higher the shipping cost, while sea shipping depends on the area and size (space) of the standard container system.

Shipping Steps from Turkey to Libya

In order to make a successful import from Turkey, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  • Determining the specifications of the goods to be imported accurately
  • Selection of the most experienced trading brokerage company in the Turkish market (e.g., Tebadul International Trading)
  • Travelling to Turkey to inspect samples and goods
  • Checking the various options
  • Identifying the best options available
  • Agreement on the size of the goods, specifications and price
  • Signing and receiving the purchase contract
  • The commercial brokerage company is authorized to follow up on procedures for conforming specifications, packaging, customs clearance and shipping.

Shipping Rates from Turkey to Libya

Required Papers and Shipping Conditions from Turkey to Libya

The conditions required for shipment from Turkey to Libya are related to the type of goods or the type of product, but in general, exporting to Libya from Turkey is easy, and does not require many papers.

The role of commercial brokerage firms is to prepare legal matters and clear them quickly and easily without the client's concern about them.

The Best Shipping Companies from Turkey to Libya

Turkey is teeming with local and international shipping companies, which are competing to provide logistics to traders and maintain the flow of products to global markets.

Tebadul selects the best exclusive offers and the finest services in shipping, through business partnerships with the best shipping companies operating in Turkey.

Tebadul International Trade also offers its services professionally to customers wishing to import from Turkey, through a range of integrated services including connecting customers to the source of the product and shipping goods safely to the required destination

We also offer the best prices and available products, packaging services, supervision and follow-up, conformity of specifications and customs clearance, legal follow-up of sales and purchase contracts, etc.

Shipping routes from Turkey to Libya


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