Partial Shipping from Turkey: Advantages, Disadvantages and Costs

Partial Shipping from Turkey: Advantages, Disadvantages and Costs

Some investors many times ship their goods through a container shared with other goods, which is known as partial shipping, but some ask about its pros and cons, which we will address in this article.

What is Partial Shipping?

It is a joint shipment with small parcels and other goods to fill a complete container because the goods to be shipped are not enough to fill a container.

What is the Difference Between Partial Shipping and Other Types of Shipping?

Partial shipping differs from other types of shipping such as full and customized, in that partial shipping is shared by many customers in the same container; it is assembled in the warehouse of the assembly of goods; while whole shipping is the shipment of the goods of one customer in one container. Customized shipping is the allocation of one or more entire carriers to a single company or customer.

Partial Shipping Features

One of the advantages of partial shipping is low costs as those who want to ship a small quantity can share a container with other traders, depending on the size and weight of the goods.

Disadvantages of Partial Shipping

It is known that partial shipping has advantages, but in return, it has disadvantages, including:

Delay in delivery, because the customer's time has become associated with other customers who want to ship their goods to complete the container, which leads to waiting, and thus to the delay in the arrival of the goods.

Some goods may be damaged as a result of being placed with other goods of different types and sizes, so the customer has to make sure that the proper packaging process for this type of shipping is done to avoid damage.

Partial Shipping Costs

Partial shipping has relatively more costly, it is known that the more quantity in shipping, the lower the cost, when the quantity or weight is small, this leads to an increase in the relative cost.

When is Partial Shipping a Suitable Option?

Partial shipping is an essential service in the business because its pros outweigh its negatives. The importer's choice of partial shipment is based on many factors, including the weight of the goods, their quantity or size, and the time of arrival.

Whoever has a small weight, or a volume between one and 15 cubic meters, is more suitable for him to ship partially (jointly), and if it exceeds that, it is better to use whole shipping.

Even if he does not fill them completely, they will be more cost-effective and safer for the goods than placing them in one container with other goods, which may expose them to damage.

As for the importer who does not want to wait for the container to be full, partial shipping will not be a suitable option for him, because he will have to wait for other shippers, and it would be more appropriate for him to allocate a full container for the goods.

partial shipping from Turkey

Partial Shipping Companies from Turkey

The investor is keen in his research to find the best shipping companies from Turkey, whether by sea, land or air. What matters to the merchant who wants to ship the goods is the price and time, looking for the best quote from the companies and the shortest period.

There is no doubt that the issue of trust is very important, in addition to the quality of service and sophistication in dealing, safety and the preservation of international standards.

Tebadul International Trading Company has been able to gain customers’ trust and keenness to deal with it continuously, and to transfer their trust to other importers.

Tebadul Services Regarding Partial Shipping from Turkey

Tebadul Trading Company seeks to satisfy its customers, and provides them with its services related to full and partial container shipping, whether by sea, land or air.

It also offers customs clearance and the accompanying certificates, opening credits and others, through a professional team specialized, familiar with export and shipping laws.

In addition, Tebadul offers packaging services, sorting and classification, and administrative and legal follow-up until the goods reach the recipient at the specified time and place.

For more information, contact the consultants of Tebadul Trading Company, shipping experts in Turkey.


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