Import of Timber from Turkey: Conditions and Steps 2024

Import of Timber from Turkey: Conditions and Steps 2024

Comprehensive details on Turkey's timber industry, types, import methods and conditions, and average prices for wood products through Tebadul International Trade.

About the Timber Market in Turkey

Turkey's total agricultural land area is approximately 80 million hectares, and forests cover approximately 2.27% of this area, equivalent to 21.2 million hectares of Turkey's public agricultural land area.

Turkey has one of the richest plant areas in the world, with 9,000 types of grass and wood plants, with many tree species used in timber production in Turkey, the most important of which are:

  • Beech trees
  • Fir trees
  • Cedar trees
  • Wild, black pine trees
  • Oak trees

It is worth noting that Turkey's timber industry is very sophisticated, supplying timber to European and Arab markets, and the Turkish timber market is highly competitive in supplying various timber-based industries to the EU, as a result of lower manufacturing costs compared to European countries.

Taking a quick look at the use of wood in the Turkish market, 70% of manufactured timber is used in construction, 20% in furniture production and 10% for packaging and other industries.

Import of Timber from Turkey

Features of Importing Timber from Turkey

Timber in Turkey is one of the most prominent products, with the following specifications:

  • A large number of timber factories in Turkey provide the raw material needed in manufacturing processes.
  • There are many types of timber, with multiple uses in various sectors.
  • Turkish timber is strong, hard and flexible.
  • Turkey has many forests, which are the natural source of Turkish timber.
  • High quality in production processes, using the best specifications in manufacturing processes.
  • Cheap prices for timber products, with different types and specifications compared to prices in other countries.
  • Ease, flexibility and speed in customs clearance processes.
  • The large geographical location on the European and Asian continents, close to the European world on the one hand and the Arab world on the other.
  • The presence of the Aegean Sea on the west side, the Marmara Sea on the north-west, the Black Sea on the north side, and the Mediterranean Sea on the southern side of Turkey make import traffic through seaports abundantly available, especially in the Turkish states bordering the sea.
  • The presence of airports in most Turkish states contributes to accelerating the import of timber.

What are the Best Types of Timber to Import from Turkey?

  • Walnut Wood: Expensive prices, used in the bedroom industry.
  • Beechwood: Solid and powerful, used in the manufacture of bedrooms, home and office furniture.
  • Oak Wood: one of the most expensive types of wood, commonly used for the manufacture of decorations and woodwork with decorative shapes and designs.
  • Pinewood: one of the strongest and most shock-resistant types of wood.
  • Musky wood: One of the cheapest types of wood in Turkey.

About Timber Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

It is very difficult to give a clear picture of timber prices in Turkey, where prices vary depending on a range of factors that affect prices in the Turkish timber market, such as the presence of many types of timber, quality, and the different specifications.

The volatility of the Turkish lira, the recent increase in inflation rates, and environmental disasters in some forests in Turkey sometimes play a major role in determining the wholesale price of timber in Turkey.

Steps to Import Timber from Turkey

For those wishing to import timber from Turkey, follow the following steps:

  • Deal with trusted commercial brokerage firms in Turkey.
  • Visit timber companies in Turkey and inspect products on the ground if possible.
  • Identify the types of wood and quality specifications available, and choose the right.
  • Determine the required amount of timber for import.
  • Identify prices, shipping details and packaging mechanism.

In this context, Tebadul International Trade company handles all tasks related to the import of timber from Turkey; it saves time and effort of wholesalers, performs all steps professionally and ensures the best products at the most appropriate prices.

Timber Factories in Turkey

Conditions for Importing Timber from Turkey

All importers wishing to import timber from Turkey must check the import and export laws in the source country, and then secure the following papers:

  • A regular invoice certified by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ensure the validity of the company's import and export papers or importers.
  • A shipping document that shows the delivery of goods to shipping companies.
  • A valid commercial register for the importer.
  • Certificate of origin approved to show the source of goods intended for export.
  • A health certificate showing the safety of the product.

Here, Tebadul Company provides all the necessary papers and documents to import Turkish timber to all countries of the world.

What are the Services of Tebadul Company for Importing Timber from Turkey?

With the strong infrastructure needed from various forests and trees to manufacture timber, Turkey is one of the developed countries in the supply of timber products used in the manufacture of wood floors known as parquet and home and office furniture.

Tebadul International Trade secures various timber products at the best possible prices for imports from Turkey, conducts all procedures related to shipping, packaging and customs clearance, and strives to deliver all goods safely and on time.


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