Expo Halal 9 Launches | The Largest in the World in Istanbul

Expo Halal 9 Launches | The Largest in the World in Istanbul

The activities of the 'Halal Expo 9' will be launched in Istanbul, in addition to the Eighth World Halal Summit, for the OIC Member States, to reach a turnover estimated at one billion euros.

The exhibition is organized by the Islamic Centre for the Development of Trade (ICDT) and the Islamic Countries Institute for Standardization and Metrology (SMIIC), with the support of the Turkish Presidency.

500 Companies from 40 Countries

The exhibition activities will continue until November 27, 2022, and it is expected that the exhibition will receive local and international attention from those interested in the halal market, as Istanbul is an important commercial market and a meeting place for the economy, businessmen and investors, as well as the capital of exhibitions in Turkey.

According to the organizers of this year's exhibition, about 500 local and foreign companies from 40 countries are expected to participate and attract 40,000 visitors during their stay, including 10,000 foreigners.

Fashion, Food and Arabic Participation

It is expected that the Halal Expo 9 events will witness the display of halal foods from different countries of the world and Turkey, and the participation of chefs to provide food varieties, provided to visitors to taste, and various products.

Conservative fashion will also be present, especially what veiled women are interested in, making this sector at the forefront and priorities of visitors to the exhibition to conclude agreements between businessmen and companies.

It is also expected that Arab participation in the activities of the Halal Expo this year, through the participation of Arab associations, events and communities through products, handicrafts and heritage that reflect Arab countries and their cultures, as happened in the previous exhibition.

Various Turkish municipalities and official institutions participate in the events, to introduce themselves and their products that are well received by visitors and those wishing to know the advantages of the Turkish states and their commercial and tourism potential.

Billion Euros Expected Turnover

The Chairman of the World Halal Summit Council, Yunus Ete, said in a press interview: "The exhibition will witness a special event to hold meetings between the participating companies with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade, and will address opportunities for cooperation between companies in different fields."

He added that "the exhibition annually witnesses the participation of 400 local and foreign companies, and attracts 40,000 visitors, including 10,000 foreigners; this year about 500 companies from 40 countries will participate in the exhibition."

Ete, who is chairman of Discover Events, predicted that the volume of business during the Halal Expo will reach ($ 1.05 billion), and that through the annual Halal Expo, they have managed to make Turkey a base for the halal market around the world.

He explained that Halal Expo has contributed to enhancing Turkey's share of the halal products market and that they aim to raise Turkey's share in the halal market to $ 400 billion over the next 5 years.

Halal Expo

Halal Summit

On the eighth Halal Summit, which is being held under the title 'For Commercial Sustainability, Explore Halal Trade in All Its Dimensions', Ete said: "There will be 11 sessions with the participation of 50 speakers from different countries of the world in addition to the participation of cooks from more than 40 countries."

He added: "There will be an international competition with the participation of chefs, in which the chefs participating in the exhibition will participate, in addition to the participation of clothing companies and accessories of conservative dress."

"The exhibition will introduce the appropriate costumes for conservative groups, and there will be a special street for food from different dishes of the world, which will be presented to visitors to the exhibition," said Mr Ete.

"This year's exhibition is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Trade, where direct bilateral meetings will be held between companies, and these meetings aim to conclude joint agreements between companies in the field of food, beauty, machinery, textile, technologies and pharmaceuticals," he stressed.

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