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"Tebadul" International Trade Company constitutes a vital investment addition to "Imtilak Group" kno...

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Who we are?

"Tebadul" International Trade Company constitutes a vital investment addition to "Imtilak Group" known for its multiple activities and its distinction in many fields, since its launch in Turkey back in 2012, with experience extending to before the year 2000.

Tebadul Company specializes in exporting goods and ‎products of all kinds from Turkey to ‎all parts of the world whether the ‎goods are of its production, ‎manufactured for it, or other ready ‎goods, the company is characterized ‎by its high professionalism as well as ‎credibility in its business.‎


Through our practical experience in the Turkish markets and Turkey's centralized location in the Middle East, in addition to our extensive contact with large segments of businessmen, we have felt the need for a safe and more attractive alternative among the businessmen and companies who are importing from Turkey, they needed an alternative that keeps them fully informed about the Turkish markets and their hidden treasures and real opportunities.

It is known that Turkey competes greater in the largest global markets in the fields of production, and manufacturing, and the prices as well, but the Turkish market has not yet been fully discovered yet.

Due to this,  "Tebadul" Company emerged as a producing and exporting alternative sometimes, and as a link between the major investors who wish to benefit from all the various Turkish markets and between these markets and companies some other times, through providing the requirements of the importers within professional conditions and distinguished results, reflecting the experience of Tebadul in the Turkish markets.

Why "Tebadul"?

Perhaps the most important thing that encourages businessmen to choose "Tebadul" Company more than other companies, is that it offers them one or more of these advantages:

  • Better quality products.
  • Stronger guarantee for the process of import, export, and transport...
  • Wider market, extra production options, and more alternatives.
  • Faster handling, stronger interest, and instant professional communication.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Fast delivery and shipping...