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Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets

The clothing, cotton, bed sets and linens sector has flourished and become a focus of export for many Arab and Western countries. In this article, we will learn about their quality, types, prices in Turkey, and the services of Tebadul.

Quality of Bed Sets and Linens in Turkey

Bed sets and linens are manufactured in Turkey with the latest machines and by experts in the textile industries, featuring quality and diversity in designs and colours. In addition, they satisfy all tastes, with the ability to compete in the local and global markets, thanks to their fame, superiority, and prices that suit importers.

Bed Sets and Linen Products by Tebadul

We review some of the varieties provided by Tebadul Company, in terms of features and quality:


A wide range of quilts that suit luxury furnishings and all seasons, with elegant designs and high quality, European styles, and a soft touch.

Quilts are manufactured according to seasons, some of which are single-layered, and are considered autumnal. Others are two-layered to suit winter.

There are also different types of filling, such as natural cotton, polyester or fibres, to give high warmth and protect against extreme cold.


Tebadul Company offers various options of blankets with the most beautiful paintings and beautiful colours, with multiple types and sizes: twin, double, queen, and king.  Some of them are thick, ideal for winter, others are moderate, ideal for autumn. Not to mention, there are a variety of bed coverlets.

Types of blankets include lined, engraved drawn, made of velvet, and others, which attract the importer and satisfy customers.


The furniture is complete only with plush Turkish pillows made of the finest fabrics and filled with high-quality natural cotton. Pillows are available in Turkish factories in different shapes and types.

Many leading and distinguished factories produce family supplies, sofas, mattresses and accessories, according to the latest technologies at reasonable and competitive prices.

Bed Linen and Sheets

For those interested in importing Turkish mattresses of all kinds from Turkey, Tebadul provides the finest types of sheets and bed linens made of excellent materials in the latest factories that take into account international standards and standards of perfection and quality. These bedspreads are of many types, including twin and double. All are in modern styles, high-end shapes, and at prices that suit importers.

Bed sets and linen in Turkey

Are the Prices of Turkish Bed Sets and Linens Competitive?

As importers realise the volume of exports from Turkey to Arab, European, Asian and other countries produced from the textile sector such as carpets, fabrics, curtains, clothes, bed sets and linens, they realise the fame gained as a result of the quality, competitiveness in global markets, appropriate and competitive prices, and ease of shipping and importing.

Tebadul Company Services in Importing Bed Sets and Linens from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading provides all the required services and information related to the methods of importing Turkish bed sets and linens of all kinds.

It also shows investors everything related to the specifications and options for the product and its level of quality and shows them the easiest ways to choose the product and factory in accordance with competitive prices, as well as shipping, sorting, classification, packaging, and preparing the necessary papers.

It is worth noting that bed sets and linens of all kinds, shapes, colours, fabrics and measurements can be customized if the quantity allows.

For further support and inquiries, or details, contact the company's consultant who will be ready to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need.

Importing bed sets and linen from Turkey

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