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Women Bags
Women Bags

Tebadul International Trading Company provides services of w...


Tebadul International Trading Company provides services of w...

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School Backpacks

Tebadul International Trading Company provides services of w...

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Children's bags

Children's bags

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Multi-Use Bags

Multi-Use Bags

Quality and Features of Bag Products in Turkey

Turkey has achieved advanced ranks in the world in fabric and leather products, including all types of bags, women's and school bags and travel bags, whether luxury leather or cloth of various quality levels.

Turkish bag factories with high production capacity and high quality attracted major brands and international companies to transfer their production lines to Turkey.

Moreover, local Turkish bag brands have flourished and succeeded in spreading globally, and are now competing with the most famous Italian, French and other internationally known bag brands.

The exports of bags in Turkey have broken records during the recent period, as Turkish bag products have received great acceptance in the international market, and a noticeable increase in demand rates by international importers, of various types and forms.

Bag products in Turkey are known for keeping pace with the latest international fashion and high-end and beautiful designs, featuring unique innovations, designs, and high quality. 

Bags in Turkey

Turkish Bag Products by Tebadul Company

Tebadul International Trade and Services meets all the desires and needs of its importing customers wishing to import bag products from Turkey, as it works to provide the required quantities with the desired specifications and at the best available prices.

The most important products bags in Turkey by Tebadul include:

Women's Bags

Women’s bags are available in all shapes, colours, and varieties, whether leather or cloth, in addition to brands with the possibility of obtaining an exclusive commercial agency for one of the well-known Turkish brands.

Travel Bags

They include all sizes of varying quality, different colours and varieties as required by the importer.

School Bags

They include school bags for all age levels for students, with beautiful paintings, whether with cartoon characters, or bright colours.

Are Wholesale Bag Prices in Turkey Good for Traders and Importers?

The bag production sector in Turkey is a huge one, offering products with the required quality and specifications according to the desire of the importer, as the production lines work to manufacture bags with all levels of the required quality.

As a result, the Turkish bag market has affordable average prices, offering importers with various budget levels and required specifications.

The prices of bags in Turkey are low as the cost of transportation and production are low, making them competitive compared to other countries around the world, featuring lower prices and lower import prices.

Importing bags from Turkey

Ways to Import Bags from Turkey and How Tebadul Can Help You

Communicating with Tebadul International Trade in Turkey is the best possible way to achieve a successful import deal for bag products in the country.

Tebadul Company provides the products required by importing customers with their required specifications, informs them of the product and production processes, and ensures legal care for payment, receipt and delivery contracts, matching the specifications of the product and the agreed quantities, and then extracts the official papers for export operations, to choose the best way to ship.

Tebadul International Trade provides a full package of services necessary for the foreign importer wishing to import products from Turkey, as it facilitates his business to implement a profitable import process.

Tebadul International Trade also has its own products made in Turkey, manufactured for its name with registered trademarks, such as the energy drink DNA, which has been widely spread in several countries around the world.

Moreover, the company is ready to meet the requests of all importers wishing to import products from Turkey or obtain exclusive commercial agencies for any product they.

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