Connection Accessories

There are many connection accessories for solar water heater tanks, varying according to the type, size and system used.

Price (Start from) and it varies according to the type, size and system used
Product Long Life: 10 – 20 years

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Connection Accessories

Connection Accessories specification 

Connecting accessories for the thermosiphon system consists of the following elements:

1- Valves: Valves are used to control the flow of the thermal medium in the system between the pump and the solar water tank to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly.

2- Heat Insulation: Heat insulators are used to reduce heat loss in the system and ensure that heat is distributed evenly.

3- Flexible Pipes: Flexible tubes are used to connect the heat medium between the heat exchanger and other parts of the system, and help withstand thermal expansion and contraction in the system used.

4- Air Purifier: The air purifier is connected to the solar water heating tank through a hose connected to the device that purifies the air, and the hose is installed in the air inlet at the top of the water tank.

5- Control Unit: It controls the flow of water in the tank, through which the ideal temperature for heating can be determined. The unit can be programmed to work at specific times, ensuring that water is heated only when needed, which saves energy and maintains order.

In addition, the control unit can be connected to the early warning system to warn of any problem with the system, allowing action to be taken immediately.

6- Expansion Vessel: The expansion vessel is used to protect the system from potential damage as a result of overpressure inside the pipes, by providing additional space for water inside the system to expand and contract. The expansion vessel maintains stable pressure inside the system, which helps to improve the efficiency of the system and reduce wear on the internal parts.

Shelf Life

The lifespan of solar water heating plant tank connection accessories depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used in manufacturing, installation conditions, and use.

Connection accessories of solar water heating plant systems usually use corrosion-resistant materials such as copper and stainless steel because they are installed in places exposed to sunlight and other weather factors, which leads to their corrosion over time.

The life of the connecting accessories for the solar water heating plant tank can last up to 10 to 20 years, but this depends on the quality of the materials used in their manufacture, installation conditions, and use. Generally, you should look for high-quality brands and get recommendations from experts to determine the shelf life of the connecting accessories you want to buy.

Connection Accessories

Connection Accessories

Advantage details

Connecting accessories for solar water heating plant tank are important because they increase the efficiency of water heating, save energy, and improve the life of the system in general, and among the advantages that these accessories provide, we mention:

1- Improve Heat Transfer: Connection accessories enhance heat transfer between the solar panel and the water tank, which leads to increased system efficiency.

2- Energy Saving: A lot of energy can be saved, thanks to the right accessories, as the water heats up more efficiently, and solar energy can be converted into heat better.

3- Reduce Maintenance Cost: With proper accessories, corrosion caused by the accumulation of deposits and salts can be reduced, increasing the life of the system and reducing the maintenance cost.

4- Maintaining Water Quality: Appropriate accessories contribute to water filtering and purification, which ensures water quality, prevents pollution, and reduces the burden caused by cleaning the tank frequently.

5- Improve Water Flow: Accessories help improve water flow and provide hot water faster and more effectively.

6- Sustainability: Accessories contribute to sustainability, saving energy, conserving limited resources, and reducing pollution.

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