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A Comprehensive Overview of Factory Systems Products in Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a prominent hub for factory systems products, laboratory equipment, and workshops, attracting numerous international importers. The country has garnered a reputation as a leading producer in this sector, with various brands manufacturing a wide range of factory systems, laboratory equipment, and machinery. These brands have gained significant popularity both domestically and internationally.

Turkish companies specializing in factory and laboratory equipment production have successfully earned the trust of customers in various markets, built upon the exceptional quality of their offerings, competitive pricing, and a host of other advantages that have propelled them to success in the global market. Consequently, these companies enjoy high demand and interest from international importers.

Turkey's position in the global market for factory systems and equipment production was confirmed by numerous official statistical data. In the factory machinery sector, Turkey's exports reached a significant amount of 25.3 billion US dollars in 2022.

In terms of importing machinery from Turkey, Germany, the United States of America, and Russia secured the top three positions. This ranking further validates the exceptional quality of Turkish products in this sector and highlights the trust they have gained from importers worldwide.

Types of Factory Systems Products by Tebadul

Tebadul International Trade offers a diverse selection of machinery, factory systems, and laboratory equipment from Turkey to cater to the needs of international importers. The company strives to provide this equipment at competitive prices and attractive offers by leveraging its strong commercial relationships and partnerships with Turkish factories specializing in machinery production and laboratory equipment.

The key categories of machinery and factory equipment provided by Tebadul Company to customers include:

Hydraulic Presses

Turkish machinery and laboratory equipment manufacturers, as well as workshops and factories, have expertise in producing and manufacturing hydraulic presses of various types and sizes. These presses are vital machines found in the equipment of laboratories and specialized factories in numerous sectors, including blacksmithing, turning, plastic manufacturing, the automotive industry, and more.

Lathing Machines

Lathing machines, which are dedicated to recycling, shaping, and cutting metals, are available in various forms and sizes. Some of these machines are computerized and integrated with modern and advanced technological methods, offering diverse details and specifications.

Factory Systems

CNC Engraving Machines

Tebadul International Trade offers a wide range of CNC precision engraving and carving machines. These machines can be laser-based or rely on pointed pens for engraving. Tebadul collaborates with partner factories in Turkey to provide customized CNC engraving machines to meet the specific specifications and measurements desired by the importing customers. For instance, engraving and cutting machines used on fabric differ from those used on wood or metal due to variations in thickness and material properties.

Welding Machines

Welding machines play a crucial role in various industrial sectors, serving factories and laboratories. They come in different shapes, sizes, and types. The welding machine industry has advanced significantly, incorporating precise technology to enhance performance, quality, and task completion speed. These modern machines are designed to conserve energy and consume less electricity.


Tebadul International Trade enables customers, including international importers, to import a wide variety of cranes from Turkey. Cranes are essential components of laboratory and factory systems, and they come in different types and sizes. They serve as vital equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Welding Machines (Robots)

Tebadul offers international importers the opportunity to import robot welding technology. Numerous Turkish companies specialize in manufacturing computerized robots, specifically automatic welding machines that are integrated into the production lines of various factories.

Welding Machines (Robots)

Are the Prices of Factory Systems in Turkey Reasonable?

Turkish-made factory and laboratory systems and equipment have successfully competed with their Chinese counterparts and other regional and international players in the market. These Turkish products have experienced a significant level of demand due to several advantages, including their affordability. The low prices of Turkish goods can be attributed to factors such as cost-effective production and efficient shipping and transportation facilitated by Turkey's strategic geographical location.

Furthermore, the acceptable prices of Turkish factory systems and equipment have not compromised their quality. These products meet high standards and specifications, conforming to European and American quality standards. As a result, European and American markets, known for importing goods from this sector, have shown interest in Turkish products.

What is the Process for Importing Factory and Machine Systems from Turkey?

To import factory systems and machinery from Turkey, reliable commercial brokerage companies can be engaged to handle all the necessary transactions and steps required for a successful commercial deal. These companies ensure the importation of production lines, machinery, equipment, systems, and machines, which are then installed in the importing country.

When it comes to importing factory equipment and systems from Turkey, international importers are advised to select a reputable and experienced brokerage company. One highly regarded option in this sector in Turkey is Tebadul International Trade.

The procedure for importing factory machinery and equipment from Turkey through Tebadul Company can be outlined as follows:

  • Contact Tebadul Company and provide them with the necessary product details and specifications.
  • Visit Turkey where Tebadul Company will greet you and arrange a tour of the factories manufacturing the equipment.
  • Receive information about the selected product or a group of products with multiple options.
  • Evaluate and compare options, selecting the most suitable product for the client.
  • Finalize the agreement regarding quantities and specifications.
  • Make payment for the products as per the agreed payment methods.
  • Tebadul Company oversees the product's receipt and ensures its compliance with the agreed specifications.
  • Prepare the products and get them ready for the export process.
  • Choose a suitable shipping company to transport the products to their destination.

Tebadul Services for Importers Interested in Importing Goods from Turkey

Tebadul International Trade in Turkey is a highly regarded Turkish company engaged in extensive commercial operations. Tebadul serves as a commercial intermediary, providing diverse brokerage services in Turkey. Moreover, it operates as a shipping company, facilitating the transportation of various commodities from Turkey to numerous international locations worldwide. Tebadul also owns a commercial platform with a wide range of products and brands exclusively manufactured for its operations. Furthermore, it functions as a logistics company, handling all essential procedures for exporting products from Turkey, including transportation, storage, packaging, customs clearance, and more.

Tebadul owns several significant brands and products, including:

  • DNA Brand

This brand focuses on the manufacturing of various types of essential beverages, including energy drinks and barley-based products. DNA has gained popularity globally and can be found in multiple locations such as Canada, Africa, and Singapore.

  • PUELLA Brand

PUELLA specializes in baby diapers, scented wet tissues, and sanitary pads. The brand has established its presence in the Middle East market through its agents in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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