Energy Drinks

Energy Drink Made in Turkey

The energy drink is packed in cans and glass and plastic bottles. Raw materials, subject to follow-up quality control institutions, are used. Different capacities are produced for cans: 250-330-500-100 ml

In different flavours: no flavourings - without sugar – with vitamins - with barley.

Drink it cold.

Price (Start from) $6 per box
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): One container
Product Long Life: Two years of production date

Food Items

Water and juice, legume and grain, canned food and cans, dried fruits and nuts, oil, animal products, meat and fish


Energy Drinks specification 

Energy drinks of all kinds (no flavourings - without sugar – with vitamins - barley) are canned in cans of different sizes (250-330-500-100 ml).

Temperature: Like all food products, it is recommended that all our products be kept away from the sun and from high temperatures and cold and stored in dry and cold environments between 4-10°C.

  • 250 ml can or glass bottle
  • 330 ml can
  • 500 ml can
  • 1000 ml plastic bottle
  • Acai Berries
  • Lemon
  • Coffee
  • Vitamins
  • Without Sugar
  • No Flavorings
  • Barley
  • Vitamin c

Energy Drinks

Advantage details

Energy drink is a drink rich in sugar, caffeine, and other stimulating substances (such as taurine and Ginseng) that help increase mental and physical energy.

Energy Drinks Private brand terms 

Product features

  • Minimum quantity to be ordered
  • 250,000 cans
  • 10,500 packages/24 cans

    Trademark registration by Tebadul

  • Contracting for manufacturing with the most important factories in Turkey
  • Offering contracts on the best terms
  • Step-by-step manufacturing supervision
  • Providing storage services until needed
  • Supervising the export process step by step
  • Trademark registration as a Turkish product
  • Extracting required documents and quality certificates

Energy Drinks packaging and shipping 

Energy Drinks view


A tour inside an energy drink factory in Turkey

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Energy Drinks quality certificate 


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