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Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Quality and Features of Sauces Products in Turkey

Sauces have prominent status among the main dishes, as adding sauces to staple meals is touted as the easiest way to transform a meal's taste into a unique one!

Red pepper, produced in Turkey, has a unique aroma and is especially used in the production of sauce and spices used in food.

The value of Turkey's exports of tomato sauce and ketchup amounted to 203 million and 883 thousand dollars in 2021.

Turkish cuisine in terms of sauces in Turkey is special, as Turkish cuisine has a global culinary culture through the contemporaneity of different periods, such as the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and specifically the ancient Ottoman palace kitchen.

Turkish sauces feature a variety of spices included used as flavouring ingredients in soups, as well as sauces used to thicken meat after boiling stand out with their delicious taste, and tomato paste sauces made from tomatoes, peppers, and yoghurt sauces.

Turkey features a geographical location, diverse climate, and fertile lands suitable for many crops, including delicious tomatoes, which are exported in large quantities to various countries of the world.

The remaining tomatoes are prepared for the manufacture of sauces of various kinds to be sold and supplied to global markets.

Sauces in Turkey

Turkish Sauces Products by Tebadul


Ketchup is a salty sauce used as a seasoning and flavouring for various meals or as a sauce or as a table condiment to be eaten with potato chips, burgers, etc.

The year 2020 witnessed a growth of ketchup trade in Turkey by 30%, and Turkey's ketchup exports in 2021 reached 118 countries, and the United Kingdom was the first destination for Turkey's ketchup exports.


Like other foodstuffs, canned mayonnaise produced in Turkey has become globally popular and in increasing demand, as 2020 witnessed a significant growth of the mayonnaise trade in Turkey by 40%.

Tomato sauce

Among the most famous sauces in Turkey are tomato sauce used in pizza and pasta, and many different fast food options.

Tomato paste is used to add flavour to all recipes from vegetable dishes to meat dishes and from pastries to soups, and tomato paste varieties can also be used to prepare delicious breakfast dishes.

Turkey's exports of tomato sauce in 2021 reached 131 countries, and Iraq was the first destination for Turkey's exports of tomato sauce.

The tomato paste market in Turkey is 383,000 tons, according to one of the researches received in this regard.

Other Turkish Sauces

 Pepper Paste: It gives a spicy flavour. If added to tomato paste as is prevalent in some societies, it makes the flavour of tomato paste very unique, and for this reason, a small amount of use will be enough to give your dishes the taste you want, and pepper paste gives food a darker colour than tomato paste.

Pomegranate Syrup: Pomegranate syrup is one of the indispensable sauces in every kitchen to give a special taste to food, as well as to obtain pomegranate syrup sauce, which adds a somewhat sour flavour to salad varieties, and this type of sauce can be used in many appetizers.

Importing sauces from Turkey

Are the Prices of Sauces in Turkey Good and Competitive?

The Turkish food industry in general, especially the sauce industry, is competitive with its peers from other international products.

Their prices are reasonable due to several reasons, including the abundance of raw materials used in the food industry, as agricultural production in Turkey is a huge and diverse production and is sufficient to provide the sauces industry with the required materials at cheap prices.

In addition, the Turkish government encourages industrial investments, providing legal and economic facilities, reflected in a low production cost and therefore an acceptable price for products.

Not to mention, there is skilled and low-wage labour compared to other countries, which also contributes to the prices of sauces in Turkey being reasonable to some extent.

Ways to Import Sauces from Turkey and Tebadul Company Services

Tebadul Trading Company seeks to secure everything necessary for its valued customers regarding the import of sauces from Turkey, by providing its distinguished services that start from finding the product in any sauces factory in Turkey to the moment it is received by the customer.

For more information about ways to import sauces from Turkey and our various services at Tebadul Company, you can contact us directly via our official numbers and website and inquire about everything you want regarding importing sauces from Turkey.


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