Frozen Chicken

Frozen chicken of all kinds, whole and cut

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MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): One Container
Product Long Life: One year from the date of production

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Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken specification 

Turkey exports frozen chicken to many parts of the world, and Tebadul provides importers of Turkish products with the best types. Chicken is available in several forms depending on the way it is cut and packed.

  • Whole Piece Chicken

Whole chicken weights range from 900 grams to 1300 grams, packed in a plastic bag, with each carton containing 10 chickens.

  • Cut Chicken

Chickens are cut and sold separately.

Chicken pieces include the thigh, chest, and wings.

The cut chicken is packed in a large bag placed in a rectangular carton opened at the top, and the bag is airtight. The weight of the carton is on average 17 to 19 kg.

Tebadul provides its customers with cut chicken, packed in foam plates, and wrapped in nylon bags.

Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken

Advantage details

  • Tebadul Company provides importers with frozen chicken according to the highest international standards.
  • Tebadul Company provides all the certificates and documents necessary to complete the export process.
  • Some factories provide related chıcken products, such as frozen kofta and frozen nuggets.

Frozen Chicken Private brand terms 

Private brand terms

Manufacturing conditions under private brands vary depending on the type of packaging.

For non-printed label packaging, the minimum is 1 container.

As for printed packaging, the minimum is 3 containers, and it is not required to withdraw them in one order.

    Trademark registration by Tebadul

  • Contracting for manufacturing with the most important factories in Turkey
  • Offering contracts on the best terms
  • Step-by-step manufacturing supervision
  • Providing storage services until needed
  • Supervising the export process step by step
  • Trademark registration as a Turkish product
  • Extracting required documents and quality certificates
Private Trademark Conditions

Frozen Chicken packaging and shipping 

Frozen Chicken quality certificate 

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