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Hair Clips
Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Makeup Kits
Makeup Kits

Makeup Kits

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Women's Shawls

Women's Shawls

Makeup Accessories
Makeup Accessories

Makeup Accessories

What Stands Out for Turkish Women's Accessories?

The art of manufacturing and weaving women's accessories in Turkey has a rich heritage, dating back to ancient times, and has been renowned among Turks. Throughout history, Turkish women craftswomen excelled in creating textiles, accessories, and decorative tools for women using primitive factories and handicrafts.

Over time, the women's accessories industry in Turkey has flourished, making it a prominent exporter worldwide. Turkish women's accessories are known for their exceptional diversity, exquisite designs, and alignment with the latest fashion trends.

Notably, Turkey occupies a prominent position in producing accessories for veiled women, and its companies are recognized for their distinctive designs both internationally and domestically.

Turkish Women's Accessories by Tebadul Company

Tebadul Company offers a range of accessories for women:


Various headgear options for veiled women, including full-covering ones and those that only cover the upper body along with the head.

Hair Accessories

Small products, like hair clips and hairpins, made of rubber, wood, plastic, or metal. These help in styling and arranging hair strands, available in various shapes, designs, colours, and functions.


A collection of tools that enhance women's appearance, including different types of hair combs, makeup brushes, nail polish, perfume sprays, and other versatile items.


Textiles designed in various shapes and colours that can be worn to cover the head or body.

Decorative Accessories

A wide range of women's adornments, such as earrings, hand bracelets, chains, necklaces, watches, handbags, and other decorative items.

Women's accessories in Turkey

Are Women's Accessories Prices in Turkey Competitive and Favourable?

Turkish women's accessories have gained significant traction in the global market, demonstrating strong competition and widespread popularity among importers worldwide. The success can be attributed to the high-quality products, cost-effective manufacturing, and relatively low transportation and shipping expenses compared to competing countries like China.

How to Import High-Quality Women's Accessories from Turkey

Our platform specializes in international trade and services, making it simple and successful for you to establish business relationships. Tebadul Company's primary objective is to link customers with the exact products they need, offering the finest available choices.

Our comprehensive services encompass various aspects, including legally managing purchase contracts, representing clients in product reception to ensure adherence to specifications and packaging standards, handling customs clearance and shipping procedures, and providing assistance in obtaining authorized commercial agencies.

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