Wet Wipes

General Product Information: Wet wipes are pieces of paper or cloth moistened with an aromatic substance, packaged in layers or pieces, and used for personal or general hygiene.

Price (Start from) .
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): One container
Product Long Life: 2-3 years of production date

Diapers and Wet Wipes

At Tebadul Company, we provide you with many Turkish diapers and wet wipes products and guarantee you integrated services reg...

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Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes specification 


  • 75% alcohol + assorted fragrances
  • There are different sizes of the product
  • Number of pieces in package: 75-120
  • High-quality packing

    Product types:
  • wet wipes for children
  • wet wipes with alcohol
  • wipes with alcohol for medical purposes
  • wet wipes for furniture
Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

Advantage details

Wet wipes for children are alcohol-free, and contain 98% water - The percentage of alcohol in the product can be controlled according to the customer's request, with very diverse scents, but a distinctive scent can be prepared at the request of the customer. There are plastic packs - Weight: 35-40-45 g

Wet Wipes Private brand terms 

Private brand terms

The factory offers the option of manufacturing products under the name of a special trademark for importers of products under the following conditions:

A trademark can be printed on one product provided that the order quantity of this product is not less than 1 ton (of bags) i.e., a load of 3 containers.

    Trademark registration by Tebadul

  • Contracting for manufacturing with the most important factories in Turkey
  • Offering contracts on the best terms
  • Step-by-step manufacturing supervision
  • Providing storage services until needed
  • Supervising the export process step by step
  • Trademark registration as a Turkish product
  • Extracting required documents and quality certificates
Conditions of the Brand of the Product

Wet Wipes packaging and shipping 

Wet Wipes quality certificate 

saso 2
Euro one

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Frequently Asked Questions About  Wet Wipes 

Importing from Turkey is a profitable business because it is an easy and uncomplicated business process in general. You need to choose the product and then communicate with one of the companies working in the field of international trade in Turkey.

After obtaining sufficient information about products’ prices and quotes, you should contact your customs consultant (customs clearance agent) in your country to find out the necessary papers to carry out the import process. Tebadul International Trade will provide the necessary papers during this stage.

After approving the right quote for you, you start the product preparation and transfer; at this stage, Tebadul completes the process of transporting the product with great care to any port in the world.

Import costs vary depending on the product to be imported by the customer. Many factors contribute to determining import costs. Therefore, an accurate idea of import costs is possible during the export process, due to variations from time to time.

Delivery time varies from product to product. It is also subject to many factors, such as the processing of goods in seasons when the import of certain products is high; but the average delivery time of ready products, in general, is 10 days. Products manufactured from scratch have an average delivery time of 20 to 30 days.

Yes, Tebadul provides commercial agency services, in addition to private trademark registration services, as per the client's wishes, and works to establish cooperative relations with its commercial agents around the world.

Payment methods vary depending on the type and quantity of the product and are also related to the conditions of the countries of import.

Our company can deal in different payment methods under the following conditions:

  • 30% down payment and 70% before starting the shipping process
  • (L/C-Letter of Credit)
  • Cash Against Documents (CAD) payment
  • Cash payment

If the customer requests a sample of products, Tebadul Company sends free of charge samples of specific products, but the customer is to pay the costs of shipping samples to his country. Air freight charges for samples vary from country to country.