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Baby Shampoo
Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoo

Lotions & creams
Lotions & creams

Lotions & creams

Quality and Features of Bathroom and Skin Care Products in Turkey

The circle of bath and skin care products expands to include perhaps hundreds of commercial items, which often fall under the types of chemical industries.

We mean by bathroom supplies or products and skin care everything related to bathroom supplies, body and skin care, medical and cosmetic, regular needs and their accessories, which is a wide-ranging industry, which we will mention in the next paragraph.

It is known to many, Turkey was able to make great strides in the field of chemicals, textiles and other products, until the reputation of these products flew because of their advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. Products with a wide choice and great diversity, and all varieties.
  2. Compliance with health conditions, with producers working under a system that does not allow low product quality at the expense of competitive price, and providing health certificates for these products.
  3. Competing with the most important international brands in terms of quality, often surpassing them.

Bathroom and Skin Care Products by Tebadul

Tebadul International Trading Company meets the requests of its customers from all types of Turkish skincare products, shampoos, and others, including:

Baby Shampoo

  1. Baby shampoo of all kinds and multiple scents.
  2. Therapeutic shampoo.
  3. Special oils for children.
  4. Baby powder.

Lotion and Creams

  1. Creams for eye contour and anti-ageing.
  2. Skin creams.
  3. Moisturizing creams.
  4. Assorted face creams.
  5. Exfoliating creams for the face and skin.
  6. A refreshing organic serum for the eye and its surroundings.
  7. Whitening and facial shine products.
  8. Lip balms with various flavours.
  9. Products intended for people with a special skin.

Other Bathroom and Skin Care Products

  1. Body fresheners and deodorant.
  2. Shampoo products with many options.
  3. Solid and liquid soap of all kinds, varieties, smells and many options.
  4. Medical soap for special skin.
  5. Shampoo products of all kinds.
  6. Masks, moisturizing masks, etc.
  7. Sunscreens.
  8. Skin nourishment and moisturizing products.
  9. Skin protection products.
  10. Skin cleansing products, such as organic cleansing and moisturizing gel.
  11. Facelift and wrinkle removal products.
  12. Massage and massage oil.

Bathroom products in Turkey

Are the Prices of Bath and Skin Care Products in Turkey Competitive?

The high quality and variety of products and their many varieties compared to its world-renowned bathroom and skincare counterparts have made it establish itself as a strong commercial competitor.

Turkish skin care products, bath and (cosmetics) products are considered a field of competition in the regional and international markets, and this is of course due to several reasons, top of which are:

  • Variety of products and a large number of varieties and brands.
  • Intensifying competition in the Turkish market, allowing traders to have good competitive offers.
  • Increasing the demand for these Turkish products of all kinds, and their prior acceptance in foreign markets.
  • Acceptable price that allows room for competition in local, regional and global commercial markets.

Ways to Import Bathroom and Skin Care Products from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading Company, through its trading platform and specialized team, meets all the requests of its international importing customers from all types of bathroom and skincare products of all kinds, and the best products with high specifications, health conditions compliance, full licenses, and from all types and sizes of packages.

Through its platform, Tebadul International Trade also provides full logistical import services, starting with feasibility studies, product provision, packaging, shipping and customs clearance, in addition to securing commercial agencies with certain products.

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