Tebadul International Trading Company provides the services...

Swimming Pool Ceramic Tiles
Swimming Pool Ceramic Tiles

Tebadul International Trading Company provides the services...

Marble Flooring
Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

Floor Adhesive
Floor Adhesive

Floor Adhesive

Tiles, marble, and ceramics are the art that people are interested in when they buy a house, which builders also focus on during cladding projects.

Features and Quality of Tile Products in Turkey

Turkish tiles gained international fame and a good reputation, featuring high quality and durability. Not to mention, Turkish tiles have beautiful designs and engravings that adorn the floors and walls, drawing a wonderful painting of fine art.

Turkish tiles prices are ideal and competitive in international markets, and the ease of exporting is another prominent advantage for importers.

Tile products provided by Tebadul Company in Turkey

Tabadul Trading Company provides Turkish tiles with international standards at appropriate prices.


Ceramics is the preferred choice for many people as its shapes and patterns give a beautiful decoration and elegant splendour. Turkish factories produce ceramics of all kinds, models and sizes, in the desired shapes, with international specifications at competitive prices.

Swimming Pool Ceramics

Ceramic producers in Turkey provide a wide variety of ceramics in different sizes, manufactured by the latest machines, with the hands of the most skilled makers who produce automatic and manual beautiful drawings.

Marble Flooring

Engineers prefer marble as a luxurious and elegant material to be the basis to decorate the floor and walls. There are the finest types of marble in Turkey, and it has gained international fame for its quality, durability, and beautiful shapes.

tiles in Turkey

Floor Adhesive

It is one of the materials used in covering floors, tiles, ceramics, and others: adhesive is available in Turkey at high quality and reasonable prices. 

Other products

In addition to tiles, ceramics, porcelain marble of all kinds, and luxurious granite, there are products for fixing and cutting, and the tools and equipment that are used in this field.

Are Tile Prices in Turkey Good and Competitive?

Tile prices are generally a matter of supply and demand. It is known that the greater the quantity, the lower the price.

Since tiles are available in Turkey in sufficient quantities with high quality, conforming to local specifications and international standards, the prices of tiles in Turkey are ideal for importers.

Ways of Importing Tiles from Turkey and Services of Tebadul Company

Tebadul International Trading Company develops a package of integrated services for the wholesale purchase of Turkish tiles and their export to all countries of the world.

It works to provide the highest quality specifications of Turkish tiles and puts them in your hands with a comprehensive study of all stages of import from A to Z.

Tebadul also offers the following:

  • Securing the best prices according to the required specifications.
  • Signing commercial cooperative contracts with the most famous construction factories in Turkey.
  • Supervising the follow-up of work related to export procedures following the stipulated contracts.
  • Securing the best shipping and customs clearance companies, whether for individual wholesalers or commercial companies.

tile products in Turkey

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