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Glass Facades

Due to the progress of time and advancements in cladding concepts, glass has become an indispensable material in numerous residential buildings, stores, educational and health facilities, as well as various industries and applications.

Glass Products Features in Turkey

In Turkey, glass products are renowned for their robustness, high quality, and affordability. Glass companies in the country manufacture glass panels for diverse purposes, including exterior cladding, furniture, billboards, and more, catering to both domestic and international demands.

Turkey's glass products are sought after worldwide, with Arab countries being particularly significant export markets for glass and its related items.

Glass Products by Tebadul Company from Turkey

Tebadul Trading Company, based in Turkey, offers a diverse range of glass products suitable for external buildings, houses, apartment rooms, ordinary doors, or aluminium frames. The glass is reinforced, allowing for a clear view of the surrounding views and landscapes, providing a sense of pleasure to the viewers. Importers can avail of these high-quality glass products at competitive prices.

Glass Panels

Tebadul Trading Company offers a variety of glass panels in Turkey, each designed for specific purposes. These panels not only provide an elegant appearance from the outside but also ensure high quality, durability, and the desired colour and cut. Depending on the intended application, the panels are available in various thicknesses, including polished reinforcement, transparent shiny thin, or dusty dark, making them suitable for doors, windows, external cladding, and more.

Glass Facades

Glass facades are fundamental elements for commercial establishments, sales outlets, and exhibition halls, as well as being commonly utilized in corporate office buildings. They are created by combining glass with aluminium in various sizes and configurations to serve specific purposes.

When designing glass facades, the primary concerns for the designer are the quality and durability of the glass. The ability to withstand winds, weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations during different seasons is of utmost importance. Equally significant is the expertise in shaping and manufacturing the glass, all of which the company assures the importer.

Glass products in Turkey

Other Glass Products

Glass factories manufacture a wide range of products, including but not limited to lighting fixtures, household and industrial utensils, tables, school and hospital supplies, items required by the transportation industry and stations, electronics components, medicines, medical laboratory equipment, sunglasses, food packaging and accessories, as well as products used in the field of perfumes, safety and security tools, and other necessities of our time.

Are Glass Prices Competitive and Favourable in Turkey?

The pricing of glass is closely tied to supply and demand dynamics, as well as the import quantity needed by traders. Generally, higher quantities lead to lower prices, making it more advantageous for importers. Turkey benefits from abundant glass availability and skilled labour, along with its exceptional manufacturing standards that comply with both local and international specifications. As a result, glass prices in Turkey are attractive for importers, and the country remains highly competitive in both domestic and global markets.

Methods of Importing Glass Products from Turkey along with our Services at Tebadul

  • Personal Direct Order by Visiting Turkey: As recommended by experts at the Tebadul International Trade platform, this approach involves travelling to Turkey to personally verify the metal, inspect its quality on-site, and place the order directly.
  • Empowering a Commercial Intermediary: This method entails delegating the task of securing the required quantities of glass to a specialized import-export company, such as Tebadul. The intermediary will handle the process for an agreed-upon remuneration.
  • Online Ordering: While a convenient option, online ordering comes with its own risks. It simply involves selecting the desired glass product, placing the order, and arranging shipment from Turkey. However, caution must be taken to avoid falling victim to fraudulent companies operating on the internet.

Regarding the steps for importing goods, they follow a typical process used in many countries. First, one must study the price and type of the desired product, comparing offers in both the local and international markets. Once the quality and quantity are determined, the importer agrees on a price with the exporting merchant and establishes a method for collecting the payment. Next, the importer selects a suitable shipping method, whether it be by land, sea, or other means. Afterwards, the necessary shipping documents are submitted, and an agreement is made with a shipping company to transport and deliver the product to the final destination.

Tebadul International Trade Company, on the other hand, offers comprehensive assistance to importers dealing with various types of glass products.

We provide essential information and services to potential investors, including details about product specifications, quality levels, and available options. The company facilitates the selection of the right product and factory with competitive prices. Moreover, we offer shipping, sorting, classification, and packaging services, as well as assistance in preparing the required paperwork.

For any further support or inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with the company's consultant, who will be available to address questions and provide all the necessary information.

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