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Natural Water
Natural Water

Natural Water

Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

Tebadul International Trading Company provides you with many mineral and carbonated water products for import from Turkey.

Quality and Advantages of Water Products in Turkey

Turkey is rich in natural water resources, it owns a wide range of underground springs in various Turkish cities, and uses the best modern technologies in the drawing of water and filling it in different sizes and varieties on request.

Water products in Turkey feature high quality, fresh taste, clarity of colour and purity, and contain many mineral elements that are healthy for the body, containing natural properties.

Water products in Turkey can be packaged in plastic and glass bottles following the physical, chemical, and microbiological standards set by the World Health Organization.

In addition, it is easy to import water from Turkey, with flexible customs clearance and appropriate prices.

Water Products by Tebadul Company from Turkey

The most important Turkish water products provided by Tebadul International Trading Company for import from Turkey include:

Natural Water

Water is a major commodity that is indispensable in any way, and the trade in mineral water is one of the most profit-saving, as many countries of the world lack clear and usable drinking water.

Tebadul International Trade provides various sizes of natural water bottles to wholesalers in different countries of the world, benefiting from the large number of Turkish companies manufacturing mineral water with the best international quality specifications.

water in Turkey

Carbonated Water

The European market is one of the most important markets that import Turkish carbonated water, as there are many water plants in Turkey and a huge group of companies that have advanced production lines.

In this context, Turkish water manufacturers adhere to health controls and international standards set by the World Health Organization in production.

For those wishing to import carbonated water from Turkey to all countries of the world, contact our representatives at Tebadul Import and Export Company, which provides you with all sizes and bottles of carbonated water of all kinds at reasonable prices.

Other Water Products

In addition to mineral and carbonated water products, Tebadul provides importers with all kinds of soft and natural beverages, energy drinks and other beverages.

Are the Prices of Water Products in Turkey Good and Competitive?

Due to the abundance of underground springs in Turkey and its richness in natural rivers and springs that provide the basic sources in the production of natural and mineral water in Turkey, the prices of water in Turkey are very cheap compared to their counterparts from European countries.

In addition, the presence of the main sources of mineral water products saves Turkish companies' expenses related to the import of raw materials, thus achieving affordable and competitive production for many other companies in the world.

water import from Turkey

Methods of Importing Water Products from Turkey and Tebadul Services

Tebadul International Trading Company with its long years of experience in the Turkish commercial market offers importers from all over the world how water products can be imported from Turkey:

  • Choose the trusted trading broker in Turkey.
  • Travel and come to Turkey in person to see the details.
  • Accurately define the desired product specifications.
  • See available options and preview products.
  • Inventory of options and selection of the best.
  • Agree on the final price and quantity ordered.
  • Power of attorney of the commercial brokerage company to follow up the procedures of receiving goods, conforming to specifications and shipping them.

Tebadul offers the best products at the cheapest prices and offers the possibility of creating brands according to the wishes of importers. 

Tebadul also provides many other services, such as packaging, customs clearance, air or sea freight, and conformity services for products as per the agreement.


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