Packaging Izmir 521 Days 15-02-2023

Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition

What do you know about Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition?

Izmir, which hosts the packaging technology exhibition, is one of the most Turkish states that have industrial cities, companies and factories that have great production potential in the packaging sector.

Izmir in particular and the Aegean region are ranked at the top of the largest network in the packaging and distribution sector in Turkey.

This exhibition receives unparalleled support from a wide range of government institutions: the most prominent of these government agencies supporting this exhibition are the Presidency of the Municipality and the State, the Chamber of Commerce, the Directorate of Culture and Tourism in Izmir, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Ministry of Trade, in addition to many private and public bodies in Turkey.

Specialization of Izmir Exhibition, Time and Place

Preparations are underway for the start of the Izmir Packaging Technology Fair on February 15 and running until February 18 at the Gazamir Exhibition Center, one of the largest specialized exhibition and conference centres in Izmir.

Izmir exhibition presents visitors with the latest technology in the packaging machinery industry and will showcase the most prominent materials used in packaging processes, as well as containers and plastic processing machines, and everything related to production technologies and equipment.

Visitors can find the latest modern technologies, the latest equipment and the most prominent materials that reduce costs, reduce waste and increase efficiency, as well as get the best options in this field, and the best services provided in this sector.

Companies participating in Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition

By visiting Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition, you can meet companies, manufacturers and decision-makers in all industries coming from Turkey and many countries of the world, and thus learn about the services they provide in the fields of packaging.

This exhibition is an opportunity for manufacturers to highlight their productive power, an opportunity for importers to learn about all their products and services, sign new agreements and increase their sales, and an opportunity for visitors to see the mechanism in which the various types of products they consume are packaged.

Tebadul services for participants in Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition

The trade fairs hosted by Turkey in various Turkish states are a great opportunity to display and market commercial products, as these exhibitions include important mechanisms within the framework of managing the relationship between the supplier and the exporter, and embodying mutual trust between the two parties.

In this context, Tebadul International Trade provides featured services to the participants of the Izmir Packaging Technologies Exhibition, offering them the opportunity to establish a new network of relationships between suppliers and manufacturers, provide them with appropriate opportunities to promote products and goods and analyze their competitiveness with other companies.

Moreover, Tebadul Company provides trademark manufacturing services for importers, as it works to provide many options related to choosing a brand name, designing them to suit the importer's target market, and then registering them to ensure their legal rights.

There are also a variety of services related to foreign trade, from securing all kinds of products and goods in the Turkish markets and exporting them abroad, professional packaging services, speeding up the process of customs clearance of goods and securing all the required papers, and studying the best shipping lines.