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Energy Consumers & Producers Exhibition

What do you know about the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition?

At a time when individuals in society record high rates of electricity consumption, much of the world pays great attention to rational energy consumption by adopting strict energy audit procedures and supporting high-efficiency equipment, which in itself is a major source of energy.

Therefore, a conference that brings together energy producers and consumers under one roof is planned at the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, and electricity consumers will have comprehensive information on how to invest in clean energy, with the participation of senior representatives of the solar and wind industry.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by a group of the best private companies that organize exhibitions in all Turkish states, and receive all forms of support and coordination from the Municipality, the Energy Directorates in Ankara, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and some relevant government institutions in Turkey.

Specialization of the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition

The Productive Consumers Conference and Exhibition will be held at the ATO CONGRESIUM exhibition area in the Turkish capital Ankara from February 8 to 10, 2022. The three-day event will open its doors to visitors between nine in the morning and six in the evening.

The following materials will be displayed at the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition:

Automation and control systems, cables and accessories, communications and their equipment, energy management systems, energy storage devices, electrical distribution equipment, insulation materials, lighting, lamps, lighting, new and renewable energy, nuclear energy, power distribution systems, electronics, generators, electricity, power transmission and transformers, and their facilities and service providers related to this sector.

Companies participating in the Consumers and Energy Producers Exhibition

According to what was announced by the organizers of the exhibition, the exhibition activities were planned to be through 8 sessions in total, and approximately 40 lecturers will explain all the details of the process to electricity consumers in the companies participating in the exhibition.

There will be 38 dedicated networking stands and areas at the exhibition, each measuring 18 square meters and will be attended by leading companies in the industry.

The target audience of the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition will be all electricity consumers from commercial and industrial companies operating in other sectors such as (shopping malls, industrial facilities, textile companies, transport sector, tourist facilities, logistics companies, international brands, contractors, municipalities, etc...), a large number of delegates from the most famous local and international brands will meet with many suppliers around the world.

In addition, the organizers of this exhibition aim to reach at least 100,000 people through live broadcasts on Youtube-Facebook-Linkedin to be held simultaneously, announcements and press activities that will be conducted before and after the event on digital media, as well as the summary of the event and its important moments and the final announcement will be prepared in Turkish and English and shared with global stakeholders.

It should be noted that participation in the Prosumer 2022 event as listeners, visitors and guests will be free of charge, provided that you fill out the online registration form, and stands in the exhibition area will be awarded to SolarProsumer members only.

Tebadul services for participants in the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition

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In this context, Tebadul International Trade provides featured services to the participants of the Energy Consumers and Producers Exhibition, offering them the opportunity to establish a new network of relationships between suppliers and manufacturers, provide them with appropriate opportunities to promote products and goods and analyze their competitiveness with other companies.

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