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Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Exhibition

What do you know about the Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Exhibition?

After the great development witnessed by the agricultural sector in Turkey, agricultural exhibitions held in various Turkish states have become an important opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in this sector of products, equipment, technologies, machines and tools used, so the establishment of the Aydin International Exhibition for Livestock and Agriculture will play a pivotal role in promoting agricultural technology in Turkey.

Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Fair, which is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Turkey, will be organized under the supervision of the state chambers of commerce and coordinated by some private parties.

Specialization, time and place of the Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Exhibition

Aydin International Agriculture, Food and Livestock Exhibition will open its doors for the tenth time from February 16 to 19, 2023 at the Aydin Exhibition Center.

Aydin International Fair, which is ranked as the third most visited agricultural exhibition after Konya and Izmir in Turkey, presents various types of products from fertilizers, seeds, seedlings, feed, agricultural tools from tractors, irrigation techniques, crop harvesting systems, and the technology used in this sector.

In addition, there are many exhibits related to organic farming products, agrochemical products, meteorological measurement systems, soil measurement systems, agricultural laboratory equipment, the packaging industry, ornamental plants, and fruit and vegetable products.

Companies participating in the Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Exhibition

The organizers of the exhibition announced some of the numbers achieved by the exhibition in its previous edition, which was held from January 3 to 16, 2022, where stands were opened for approximately 356 local and international companies, and the number of visitors reached 315 thousand and 745 people, in addition to that, sales of more than 200 million Turkish liras were made by the companies participating in the exhibition.

They also revealed that all preparations have been completed for the launch of the new edition of this exhibition in the state of Aydin with the participation of a large number of national and international companies working in the food and livestock sectors, and a large gathering of visitors interested in agricultural fields, and with high hopes to exceed the number of visitors last year, and achieve sales of up to 250 million this year.

Tebadul services for participants in the Aydin International Livestock and Agriculture Exhibition

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