Wholesale Trade of Sanitary Pads - Import from Turkey

Wholesale Trade of Sanitary Pads - Import from Turkey

Wholesale import of sanitary pads from Turkey. We offer you the best types of sanitary pads at the highest quality and cheapest price, contact us for more inquiries. 

Wholesale Turkish Sanitary Pads - What Are The Advantages?

The Turkish sanitary pads achieve the highest levels of comfort and give a feeling of freedom thanks to their features, as they are super absorbent and have wings and stickers, this gives them a comfortable feeling during the day and night, not to mention the high quality of the raw materials used in them which are selected from the best types of cotton.

Sanitary Pads Prices - Wholesale Selling

The best types of sanitary pads promoted by Tebadul International Trading Company have the highest quality. The prices of sanitary pads differ according to the box that contains the pads as well as the produced sizes. Also, the quality of the pad plays a role in the price of the box that contains these sanitary pads

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Import sanitary pads from Turkey - Method of Packing, Packaging, and Shipping

Our valued customers can import sanitary pads from Turkey via Tebadul International Trading Company, which offers the best products related to sanitary pads. Our products in the Tebadul Company include  sanitary pads of various sizes, such as: 

  1. Regular 24 cm type.
  2. Regular 28 cm type.
  3. Folded and packed type (one pad in each pack).

The packaging is carried out by classifying the products according to their available types and packing them in cardboard packages in a way ensures that they will not be torn during the shipping process, then they are moved to trucks to be unloaded in warehouses and distributed to the wholesale traders, or to be exported.

Services of Tebadul Company in the field of import and export

Tebadul International Trading Company provides services related to exporting Turkish products to other countries, starting with communication and coordination with suppliers and factories, through choosing the best resources in Turkey, until arranging and packing goods in warehouses.

Tebadul company also supervises the customs clearance operations and ensures that the shipping process is completed safely to the importing country, whether it was through land, sea, or air.

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