Wholesale Trade in Turkey: Guide and Steps

Wholesale Trade in Turkey: Guide and Steps

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What is Turkey's position with regard to wholesale trade?

Turkey is one of the industrialized countries around the world, with a comprehensive industrial infrastructure, which has given it a lead in producing and selling goods in bulk and exporting products at prices closer to production costs, in the best way to profit from wholesale trade by importers.

Therefore, Turkey is one of the countries that produces large quantities of a variety of goods, which makes it an open market for exporting goods to countries that lack the production of this type of goods, especially that the Turkish government, through the "Annual Presidential Program for Turkey", seeks to make the country a major commercial center focusing on quality so that business operations are conducted through innovative approaches and applications, easier and safer, while addressing the problems that may face the wholesale sector, the Turkish government aims to modernize wholesale markets and similar structures to improve wholesale trade, and to make secondary legislative arrangements for wholesalers.

According to the new program, it is also planned to increase Turkey's market share in geographical areas close to the country thanks to its competitive advantage.

Is wholesale trade recommended in Turkey?

Owing to Turkey's efforts to attract foreign investors in the wholesale import sector from all over the world, wholesale trade for all different goods has become very popular, owing to the versatility and variety of commodity and single-product factories, creating a variety of brands per product, and competition in quality, production and prices, both in the domestic market and export.

Perhaps one of the most important features of wholesale trade in Turkey is its strong reputation in facilitating the method of shipping and the existence of conditions that guarantee all rights to the product and the customer.

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Which is better in the field of wholesale trade, China or Turkey?

Turkey is a privileged and pioneering country in the export of food products, clothing, household appliances, furniture, and non-high-tech tools to the Middle East, African countries, and European countries, because prices are identical to China's prices, and of good quality, and shipping from Turkey is close Currently, shipping from China is very high, while shipping from Turkey is cheaper for Arab countries, and therefore the option to import from Turkey is more appropriate, since Turkey has become a country open to receiving foreign traders, while China does not receive them easily.

Are there restrictions on wholesale trade in Turkey?

In general, there are no restrictions on wholesale trade in Turkey, given Turkey's presence among the world's largest markets, in the areas of production and manufacturing, as well as at the level of competitive prices. However, there are some products and goods, but Turkey limits its trade to licensed companies such as medicines, cosmetics, and food, which Turkey requires to have appropriate warehouses for food storage, to ensure improved trade performance and quality assurance

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Steps to start a wholesale business in Turkey by Tebadul Company

Product selection

Tebadul company helps its customers to secure the product of all kinds, to achieve the customer's desires, in accordance with the specified profit margin, and with the best quality standards required.

Selection of import and export company

We open to our customers new markets for the export of their products or the import of goods and add a distinct diversity of the list of exports, through experts on the subject of import and export from Turkey.

Execution of the order

Tebadul company is keen to receive the customer's goods from the factory and wrap them in accordance with their needs and make sure of their safety before shipping them (food packaging, medicine packaging, packaging of ready-made materials).

Learn about packaging services in Turkey with Tebadul company.

Following up on all customs clearance work

Tebadul company has a professional team to carry out customs clearance service in Turkey and make sure that there are no errors during the export process, and supervises the workflow to ensure that no financial losses occur to the importer.

Charging and discharging

Tebadul provides all logistical support for land, sea and air freight from Turkey and makes sure that the shipment process is completed safely (shipping and delivery, loading and unloading, shipment and payment).

Following up on the request after it reaches the customer and getting feedback

Tebadul company has a professional team to follow up the customer's shipments after arrival, obtain a comprehensive assessment of the cargo performance, and do not affect any imported products.

Why should I choose Tebadul company to start a wholesale business in Turkey?

In case you want to import wholesale materials from Turkey, “Tebdaul” is your most suitable choice. We work to provide the necessary support in the field of exporting Turkish goods, starting from identifying the best suppliers and manufacturers, and choosing the best resources in Turkey, which is known for its vastness and many options.

Thus, all negotiations are arranged to obtain the best prices and to arrange for the receipt of the goods, and the accompanying packaging and inland shipment, leading to the export of the product to the importing country, with customs clearance and shipment from Turkey facilitated by competent experts.

Perhaps the most important thing to encourage entrepreneurs to choose only an exchange company is that it offers them one or more of these advantages:

  • Better quality products.
  • Stronger guarantee of supply, export and transportation operations.
  • Broader market and production options and more alternatives.
  • Faster treatment, stronger attention, immediate professional continuity.


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