Turkish Tiles: Advantages and How to Import

Turkish Tiles: Advantages and How to Import

All related information about Turkish tiles, features and prices, and the mechanism by which imports from Turkey are made through Tebadul International Trade.

What Stands out for Turkish Tiles?

The Turkish tiles have the following features:

  • Use of the finest raw materials in tile manufacturing processes.
  • Manufacture of high-quality materials from Turkish tiles, allowing them to excel with strength and hardness.
  • Patterns and shapes that make them take into account the requirements of modern life.
  • Reasonable prices suitable to import to all countries of the world.
  • Easy export and flexible customs clearance of materials exported from Turkey.
  • Turkey's high reputation in the manufacture of tiles and ceramics as one of the largest exporters of marble and construction materials.

Turkish Tiles

What are the Best Types of Turkish Tiles?

The best types of Turkish tiles:

  • Metal Tiles: This type of tile is resistant to shocks, due to its durability and hardness, and is often used in kitchens, giving the kitchen the required aesthetic.
  • Lime Tiles: Limestone tiles are used in open spaces, known for their durability and softness and touch.
  • Granite Tiles: Made of natural stones, it has a marble-like appearance.
  • Mosaic Tiles: They add an aesthetic appearance and an unmatched creative elegance, thanks to the decorations it contains in their designs.
  • Marble Tiles: Despite their beauty, they are expensive, and exposed to scratches and stains.

Other types of Turkish tiles include:

  • Cement Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramics

Wholesale Turkish Tiles

The Most Important Tile Companies and Factories in Turkey

Some of the most important tile companies and factories in Turkey are:

  • Kutahya Ceramics: Located in Kutahya, one of the largest and most famous Turkish ceramic and tile manufacturers, Kutahya Ceramics is one of the most famous brands in Turkey, where the company has been working in the ceramic industry since the 1960s.
  • Kale: Located in Istanbul, one of the leading tile manufacturers in Turkey, Kale is ranked as the third-largest construction manufacturer in Europe.
  • VitrA: Located in Istanbul, specializing in the manufacture of tiles and construction materials, VitrA is a global brand in the industry, recognized by world-renowned designers and architects.
  • Babar Ceramics: Located in Istanbul, it is one of the most important resources for the manufacture of marble, limestone, floor tiles, ceramic walls, and fully glazed and rustic residential porcelain tiles.
  • Deka: Located in Izmir, it specializes in manufacturing ceramic types for bathrooms using high-resolution computers, scraping and grinding.

Import Tiles from Turkey

Turkish Tile Prices (Wholesale)

The price of tiles in Turkey varies as requested by the importer; Turkish companies provide all the requirements of the local and international market tiles. Turkey is one of the developed countries in the world in terms of the export of tiles to all parts of the world.

Turkey also has one of the world's largest companies for manufacturing tiles, marble, ceramics and other construction materials.

In addition, Turkish companies have a great ability to use the most modern technology to manufacture tiles, offer them at the cheapest possible prices, and provide appropriate offers to importers.

Conditions for Importing Tiles from Turkey

Importers wishing to import tiles from Turkey must meet the following conditions:

  • Identify the best suppliers and manufacturers, and choose the best resources in Turkey.
  • Contract with the manufacturer after agreeing on the price and amount to be paid as a down payment and mention this in the contract.
  • The approval paper for the penal terms to be paid if products and goods are not delivered on agreed dates.
  • Obtain approval of the delivery date, include it in the contract, and agree on the place of delivery (the factory or the export port).
  • Carry out packaging operations in a way that ensures products' safe access to the importer.
  • Customs clearance and shipping by experts in this field.
  • Use one of the available shipping methods to suit the type of product, ensuring its safe arrival in the importing country.

Through contacting Tebadul International Trade, tiles can be imported from Turkey without the burden of submitting legal papers and customs clearance procedures.

Ways of importing Tiles from Turkey

Ways to Import Tiles from Turkey

The methods of importing tiles from Turkey can be shortened in the following steps:

  • Choose the right company, the desired tile type, and determine the required quantity.
  • Choose the right shipping company to deliver the product to the importing country.

You can contact our representatives at Tebadul International Trading Company to save your time and effort, allowing you to buy the best types of Turkish tiles, at the most appropriate prices possible, and ensure that the product reaches the importing country in the best and fastest way.

Tebadul Services in Importing Tiles from Turkey

Tebadul International Trading Company develops a range of integrated services for the wholesale purchase and export of Turkish tiles to all countries of the world:

  • Providing the highest quality specifications of Turkish tiles, and putting them in your hands with a comprehensive study of all stages of import from the ground up.
  • Signing commercial cooperative contracts with turkey's most famous construction factories.
  • Securing the best prices according to the required specifications.
  • Supervising the follow-up of export procedures following the contracts stipulated.
  • Securing the best shipping and customs clearance companies, whether for individual wholesalers or commercial companies.

Price of Tiles in Turkey


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