The Most Important Turkish Products in the UAE and How to Import

The Most Important Turkish Products in the UAE and How to Import
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UAE Imports of Turkish Products and Volume

The United Arab Emirates and Turkey have good trade and investment relations.

During the past two decades, trade has grown and investments have increased remarkably, with the average annual trade exchange volume between the two countries being about 8 billion US dollars.

The UAE ranked first in the Gulf and Arab countries in terms of the value and diversity of direct investments in Turkey.

According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the volume of trade exchange between the two countries amounted to about 7.4 billion US dollars in 2019, and about 7.6 billion dollars in 2018, setting a record in 2017 after the volume of trade reached about 14.8 billion US dollars

According to these figures, the United Arab Emirates is the 12th  largest importer of Turkish goods in the world and the second Arab after Iraq.

The value of Turkish exports to the UAE amounted to $ 3.5 billion in 2019, 2021 witnessed a development in the volume of trade exchange between Turkey and the UAE, as the total value of non-oil trade between the two countries in 2021 reached 13.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 54% over the previous year, and an increase of 86% over 2019.

Turkish products in the UAE varied between precious stones, metals, machinery and electrical appliances, parts and spare parts for air transport, oil derivatives, iron and steel.

Popular Turkish Products in UAE

Beverage and Food Products

According to Bekir Pakdemirli, Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, about 2,000 Turkish companies operate in the food sector within the UAE.

"Our country is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of agricultural GDP, as we export to 200 countries," said Bekir Pakdemirli.

The food trade in Turkey is one of the most important businesses that can be carried out, due to the diversity of food products, the multiplicity of natural sources, and the availability of the necessary and appropriate climate for crops, and food prices in Turkey are cheap due to other markets in European countries.

As for Turkish drinks, the demand for them increases, and as a result, Turkey is advancing in the manufacture of various drinks including natural fresh in all its forms and canned industrial with its multiple flavours.

As part of the services related to importing from Turkey to the UAE, Tebadul provides a range of products within the beverage division, which includes juices of all kinds, mineral water, soft and vital drinks, and canned drinks.

Turkish products in UAE


Turkey is widely known in the field of clothing, fabrics, and textiles, due to the strength of the infrastructure in this field, and Turkish clothing is characterized by high quality, and various options, to suit all tastes.

Turkish clothing is a suitable option in terms of low import price, leaving a high-profit margin for the importer, in addition to the good reputation of Turkish clothes in local markets outside Turkey, due to their cheap price compared to the quality of the fabrics used, and the diversity of options for women's, men's, and children's clothing in terms of wonderful designs.

Official statistics reveal that Turkish textiles and clothing in general have reached 175 countries around the world, including the UAE.


The furniture and furnishings industry in Turkey receives great care and attention, and this is witnessed by the steady rise in exports of these products from Turkey to various countries of the world, as Turkish furniture exports recorded an increase of 23.9% during 2021, and their revenues exceeded $ 4 billion compared to 2020.

It is noteworthy that Turkey, which exports furniture and furnishings to 190 countries, aims to reach its exports of furniture to $ 6 billion in 2022, and the country plans to enter the list of the top 5 countries producing and exporting furniture around the world, by 2023.

Cleaning Materials of All Kinds

The cleaning materials industry in Turkey is one of the booming industries, and it has found an open market for several Arab and Asian countries, including the UAE, due to the presence of many manufacturers, and the production of household cleaning materials, characterized by the use of high-quality components, and environmentally friendly, which increased the percentage of its import from many international markets, including the UAE markets, where it is characterized by a reputation and great attractiveness for importers.

Kids Products

Turkey is characterized by the presence of various factories specialized in kids' supplies, which are a magnet for many importers, as they have a variety of options and competitive prices, so we will show you the most prominent children's supplies in Turkey, which are:

  • Children's diverse clothing, which combines luxury and beauty, and is made of the finest types of Turkish fabrics, which are in line with children's fashion trends.
  • Toys and accessories for children and babies.
  • Baby and child textiles.
  • Children's room furniture of all ages.
  • Children's accessories.
  • Turkish children's and baby clothes.
  • Strollers.
  • Diapers and a variety of baby creams.

If you are looking for any of these products, Tebadul can provide you with a specialized expert in the field of choosing your order of baby supplies, which are widely known among the most profitable Turkish products in the UAE market.

Beauty Products

With the boom in the market for importing cosmetic products from Turkey to many international destinations, and the acceleration of the demand for the Turkish product in general, which has proven its worth among other products, especially in front of Chinese and European varieties, it was natural that the demand for such materials in their various varieties, whether dry cosmetics or perfumes of all kinds and many products that fall under their many items and details.

Construction Supplies

Turkey is one of the countries that manufacture building materials with high efficiency that attracts importers in this field, due to the availability of fairly cheap raw materials compared to materials produced by other countries, and the presence of a competitive price for building materials, which reduces construction costs, which attracts many institutions and countries looking for high quality and competitive price for their projects.

Hence, we mention to you the most important building materials in Turkey that are exported to Arab countries - including the UAE - and the countries of the Middle East, Central Asian countries, North African countries, Russia and some European countries:

  • Marble of all kinds and natural stone.
  • Granite and ceramic stone.
  • Wooden flooring.
  • Sanitary and heating products.
  • Bathroom sets and all accessories.
  • Valves and water mixers.
  • Interior and exterior cladding materials for buildings.
  • Paint products.
  • Window and door accessories of all modern designs.
  • Insulation materials for buildings.
  • Gypsum board.
  • Materials and supplies for gardens and swimming pools.

Other Turkish Products

We mentioning Turkish products in the UAE, we must mention the raw materials and metals, such as copper, iron, mercury, and manganese, in addition to electronic devices, jewellery, plastic products, aluminium, furniture, nuts and dryers, household appliances, cookware and restaurants, and canned food of all kinds.

How to Import Turkish Products to the UAE

We can show you the importance of authorizing a specialized shipping company as 'Tebadul' to take over the task of importing from Turkey to the UAE with the authorization of the importer in a regular manner through the following points:

  • The importer leaves the shipping company an opportunity to ensure the quality of the imported product.
  • Ensure that no manipulations of product quality standards are obtained by the company or factory.
  • Ensure that imported products arrive at the port where you want your goods to arrive from the seller in Turkey safely and without any legal obstacles in releasing that shipment upon arrival.
  • A specialized team to secure the necessary materials for packaging products and goods according to their quality and prevent them from being exposed to cost or damage.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the imported goods so that the packaging is done with the best volumetric weight, which provides the lowest shipping price on the importer.

Import from Turkey to UAE

Tebadul Company Services in Importing and Shipping from Turkey to the UAE

Tebadul seeks to be a link between Emirati investors wishing to benefit from all the various Turkish markets, and between those markets and companies, by providing the requirements of importers within professional conditions, and distinctive results, reflecting its experience in the Turkish markets.

For more information about importing from Turkey to the UAE, you can contact Tebadul International Trade.

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