The Most Important Turkish Products in Kuwait and Import Methods

The Most Important Turkish Products in Kuwait and Import Methods

Relations between Turkey and Kuwait are increasing at all levels, mainly trade and economic levels and the movement of imports and export. So, what are the most important exports and volumes of Turkish products to Kuwait?

Kuwait's Imports and Volume of Turkish Products

The volume of trade exchange between Kuwait and Turkey amounted to more than one and a half billion dollars, and the value of Kuwaiti investments in Turkey reached more than 1.5 billion dollars.

Kuwait's imports of Turkish products varied among different sectors such as the food sector, textile industries, clothing, furnishings, household appliances, electrical appliances, decorative tools, and others.

Popular Turkish Products in Kuwait

Turkish goods have great fame and reputation in Kuwait, with competitive prices among other products and goods. Turkish products in Kuwait include textiles, carpets, furnishings, clothing of various kinds, cosmetics, detergents, canned food, water, chemical industries, household appliances and others.

Beverage and Food Products

The Turkish beverage, water and food sector is one of the vital sectors in high demand from various Arab countries, not only in Kuwait. The foodstuffs imported from Turkey include spices, legumes, preserves, seeds, and others.


People from all over the Arab countries are appealing to Turkish clothing, thanks to its quality, competitive prices, and modern designs, which match the latest international models.

Turkish clothing includes men’s and women’s clothing, thanks to their modern style, suitable for all seasons. Not to mention, children's clothing features high quality, wide collections and colours. There are also uniforms, bridal dresses, raw fabric, shoes and bags.


Turkish furniture has become widely popular in Kuwait, including home furniture, furnishings for institutions, offices, bedrooms, children's rooms, carpets and various rugs, accessories, chandeliers of different sizes and shapes, cloth, wooden and plastic curtains, antiques, and glassware.

Turkish products in Kuwait

Cleaning Materials

Turkish cleaning products in Kuwait include soaps, disinfectants, sterilizers, liquids, stain removal materials for floors and walls, and washing powders.

Baby Products

Children need strollers, sleeping beds and toys that the family cares for healthy mental development. These products are available in the Kuwaiti markets and imported from Turkey, thanks to their quality and reasonable prices.

Beauty Products

Among the quality products found in Kuwait are cosmetic products of various varieties, famous for their brands, wide assortments and reasonable and competitive prices.

Other Turkish Products

Other Turkish materials in Kuwait include construction and contracting materials, oriental antiques, agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, and car parts.

How to Import Turkish Products to Kuwait

There are three ways to import from Turkey to Kuwait:

  • Online Shopping: You can search for products online, choose the right product, agree on the right price, communicate with manufacturers for packaging and customs clearance, and deliver goods to the importer.
  • Commercial Brokerage: Importers can authorize one of the commercial brokerage companies to secure the goods to be imported, negotiate prices, supervise packaging, solve issues related to customs clearance, and find appropriate ways to supply from Turkey.
  • Travel to Turkey: The importer himself comes to Turkey, conducts a field study of the Turkish market, searches for the appropriate products for him, and undertakes all procedures related to importing from Turkey.

Import from Turkey to Kuwait

Tebadul Importing and Shipping Services from Turkey to Kuwait

In light of the great development of the industrial sector in Turkey, various Turkish exports (consumer - industrial - chemical - textile) have witnessed unprecedented activity in recent years, thanks to the increase in manufactured products, their quality and cheap prices, compared to other products in other countries.

It is worth noting that the Turkish products in Kuwait stores are of two categories:

  • Products imported by Kuwait from Turkey.
  • Turkish products manufactured by Turkish companies operating in Kuwait.

Tebadul Company provides all Turkish products to importers in Kuwait, ensures the selection of the finest goods at the most appropriate prices, supervises all packaging operations, conducts customs clearance operations with high professionalism, and ensures the safe and fast arrival of goods to the importing country.

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