Turkish Parquet: Features, Types and Import Methods

Turkish Parquet: Features, Types and Import Methods

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What Stand out for Turkish Parquet?

Turkey is ranked among the innovative and producing countries of parquet for various houses, offices and construction spaces globally.

In addition to Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, German and Italian parquet floors, Turkish parquet floors also have their own advantages in the world market. Turkish parquet is known for its quality and mastery, it is anti-moisture and resistant to ignition and scratches, with beautiful designs and colours.

Turkish parquet occupies a good share in the volume of Turkish exports and is popular among international importers.

Turkey is producing European-standard parquet floors and produces both natural and industrial types with AC3 and HDF technologies.

The Turkish parquet is designed in the form of consistent pieces that are installed sequentially. Even the natural oak tree-produced parquet, which is famous for its durability and scratch resistance, is designed in the form of pieces consistent with each other.

Top Turkish Parquets

Turkey produces most of the world-renowned parquets, and the floors of wooden houses (parquet) are classified into many types, including natural and industrial wood, and a mixture of natural and industrial wood.

Parquet is produced in Turkey of various types in three main layers, consisting of a single parquet board. The first layer is the parquet floor that will touch the ground directly, which is resistant to moisture and sound.

The second layer consists of wood, giving strength and durability to the parquet panel. The third layer (parquet façade) consists of an invisible shiny layer, forming a scratch-resistant layer.

Turkish Parquet

However, the best types of Turkish parquet are of two types:

- Wood Parquet HDF

One of the highest-level MDF wood types known globally, used in the furniture industry, HDF is made up of high-density wooden fibrous panels.

It is produced from a manufactured wood mix, chopped pinewood fibres, resin and adhesives, and wood fibre parts are compressed at high temperatures.

This type of floor is rigid, durable, resistant to moisture and scratches, easy to install, insect resistant, and with an acceptable price.

- Wood Parquet AC3

This type of parquet is a luxury one, consisting of several natural and industrial wooden panels, featuring bright and shiny colours.

The AC3 parquet is scratch and heat-resistant, soundproof, moisture-proof, and is usually made of natural oak or another type of strong wood.

Turkish Wholesale Parquet

Turkish parquet is produced according to 4 standards, as follows:

- Parquet AC3\31\^2000

Suitable for homes and guaranteed up to 10 years

- Parquet AC4\32\^4000

Suitable for homes and offices and guaranteed up to 15 years

- Parquet AC5\33\^6000

Suitable for homes and offices and guaranteed up to 25 years

- Parquet AC6\34\^8500

Suitable for large and luxurious houses, offices, shops, patio, outdoor spaces and gardens, guaranteed up to 35 years.

Parquet Import from Turkey

The Most Famous Parquet Companies and Factories in Turkey

You can easily import parquet from Turkey through your trusted trading broker, or by taking a dangerous experience of venturing into the huge Turkish market on your own, where wholesale markets are spread in Turkey offering everything for international traders, such as Istanbul's Istoc market and other malls and commercial markets.

However, what Tebadul International Trade is doing is the most secure way for importing any goods from Turkey, as it connects customers to the product and factory immediately.

Turkey's leading producers and manufacturers of parquet:


Founded in 2007, the foundation has been working since its founding in the wood floor production sector (parquet), and the factory and the company's headquarters are located in Bursa.


Located in Istanbul, the factory is a production line for many types of parquet, producing large quantities for the local and international market.


The factory has been operating since 1990 and produces various types of wooden floors (parquets), dedicated to shops, palaces, houses, yards, etc., and is located in Tekirdag.

Ways to Import Parquet from Turkey

Turkish Parquet Prices (Wholesale)

Turkish parquet prices cannot be limited to a certain average price or value, due to the large size of the Turkish production market for this type of product.

It can be said that Turkish parquet importers can get prices and specifications that suit their desire and budget, and they can produce and manufacture parquet according to special specifications.

It is common in the Turkish parquet market that it is sold by meter and packet; each carton pack contains several boards, with the length of parquet shown on the cover.

Conditions for Importing Parquet from Turkey

When importing wooden flooring (parquet) from Turkey, the product must conform to environmental safety requirements and not conflict with international trade agreements linking Turkey to the international community.

The conditions are matched when customs clearance and goods are processed for export, but in general, the conditions for importing parquet from Turkey are general conditions and routine procedures that are not complicated.

Commercial brokerage firms work to save time and effort for their customers, by clearing all legal procedures for export of customs clearance and shipment of goods after conforming to specifications until they reach the destination.

Steps to Import Turkish Parquet

Tebadul International Trade highly recommends importers import to come to Turkey to see everything on the ground.

The following steps must therefore be followed, to ensure a successful and safe import process:

  • Choosing a trusted business broker
  • Field visits to several Turkish parquet producers and manufacturers (with an experienced trading broker)
  • Checking several options and types available for parquet
  • Identifying the types and quantities required after choosing the best options (with advice from the expert broker)
  • Bargaining to get the best possible prices (through a trusted broker)
  • Agreement, paying a down payment, and getting a receipt
  • Follow-up shipping and customs clearance procedures and conform to specifications.

Parquet Price in Turkey

Turkish Parquet Import Companies and Tebadul Company Services

Tebadul International Trade has a business partnership with many Turkish parquet manufacturers and producers and provides its customers with the possibility to learn about parquets and prices while they are in their countries.

Tebadul International trade also prepares commercial contracts between factories and traders, gets the best prices according to the required specifications, and sends shipments to companies and individuals under the company's policy.

Tebadul International Trade, which is one of the best import companies from Turkey for Turkish Parquet, achieves the commercial security of the import and export process for its customers, by supervising contracts and following up on customs clearance and matching specifications until the delivery of shipments as agreed to their destination around the world.


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