Turkish medical shoes: import from Turkey

Turkish medical shoes: import from Turkey

All kinds of medical shoes manufactured according to health standards, appropriate for all age groups, with different sizes, different marks, we provide you for import through Tebadul Company.

What are the advantages of medical shoes?

Medical shoes in Turkey provide all the amenities for people, who suffer from pain and foot problems, as they have the advantage of offering some benefits, which are based on straightening feet and helping to walk without trouble.

Among the most important benefits of medical shoes are the following:

  • Providing necessary arch support and comfort to the heel and help to adjust the shape of the foot, and avoiding the problems caused by flat feet.
  • Reduce foot pain caused by walking for long periods, as these shoes have enough space for the toes to move comfortably, which in turn helps to rest the toes.
  • These shoes enhance blood flow; especially for people with diabetic neuropathy, by increasing blood flow to the legs.
  • Medical shoes can save costs; by preventing a person from undergoing costly surgeries.
  • Solve a lot of foot problems; because they correct the arch of feet.
  • They help solve a lot of pain that accompanies foot diseases, like tumors, and flat feet, that can keep a person from walking forever.
  • Medical supplements help support the feet and solve problems such as the heel cup placed in the shoe to alleviate heel pain.
  • They help the metatarsal plate relieve pressure and pain from periostitis, which affects the big toe, and this plate consists of supportive cushions that distribute pressure on the metatarsals.

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Medical shoes

What kinds of Turkish medical shoes are provided by Tebadul Company?

At Tebadul Company, we provide all types of Turkish medical shoes, with high-quality specifications, providing comfort to all patients, and suitable for all ages of men, women, and children.

1. Women's medical shoes

Women's medical shoes with a silicone insole, designed for orthotics and to prevent slipping, and with medical shoes, are the ideal solution to the problems faced by women, because of the high heels they use in their daily lives.

Women's medical shoes contain silicone insoles, which are placed in especially high-heeled shoes, as they reduce pain for patients who suffer from heel spurs, thanks to their soft structure.

Tebadul Company provides valued customers with medical shoes for women with the feature of forming the soles of the feet, to provide the greatest degree of comfort, during long periods of use.

2. Medical shoes for the elderly

There is no doubt that most of the elderly suffer from some diseases, which cause them health problems related to joints and feet diseases, and at the same time, it’s difficult for them to walk.

Therefore, we, at Tebadul, are working to provide medical shoes for the elderly, helping them to walk steadily for long periods. These medical shoes for the elderly are characterized by high flexibility, which protects people from injury and protects the feet from harm.

Women's medical shoes

3. Men's medical shoes

Men's medical shoes in different sizes, and in perfect elegance, suitable for all occasions, and made of original materials designed with the feature of air circulation, to preserve the foot from the growth of microbes and bacteria.

The men's medical shoes we offer in exchange are characterized by the presence of trauma-repelling medical shoes, providing rest for the feet, providing full foot and ankle support, and reducing injuries.

Purchasing places for medical shoes

4. Medical shoes for children

We provide medical shoes for children, helping to get rid of the problems of foot pain and walking defects, where we support these shoes with medical linens, help repair some of the deformities in children's feet, and reduce the incidence of complications when walking in children.

medical boots

Where to buy wholesale medical shoes in Turkey?

For those wishing to buy medical shoes, and those looking for places to buy wholesale medical shoes in Turkey, shoe dealers work in different regions in Turkey, and you can find many shops specializing in sales of medical products of high quality, in various sizes, and shapes to suit everyone's taste.

Import of medical shoes from Turkey by Tebadul: What services do we offer?

If you want to import medical shoes from Turkey, we at Tebadul Company provide all products of medical shoes to importers, where you can buy a variety of products or tailored medical shoes in many sizes and shapes to suit all tastes.

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All with the many services provided by the trading exchange, from packaging through customs clearance operations in Turkey with a competent team of staff, to continuous follow-up of shipping and distribution, and delivery of goods to the customer.

 Medical shoes for the elderly


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