Helva wholesale Trade - Import From Turkey

Helva wholesale Trade - Import From Turkey

How about tasting some of the Turkish Helva, to know about the distinct flavor of the Turkish Helva promoted by Tebadul Company?

What are the advantages of Turkish Helva?

Turkish Helva is a popular type of sweets and one of the most delicious meals that can be eaten in breakfast food in the Arab and Turkish worlds, it adds a distinctive and special flavor to the breakfast meal and provides great benefits to the human body thanks to the oils and sugars it contains.

The widespread Turkish Helva is stuffed with pistachio and some types of nuts or dried fruits, giving it a distinctive taste. 

Turkish Helva

Wholesale Helva selling - What are the available flavors?

Turkish Helva is known for its various types and flavors which many people like especially at breakfast. The products offered by Tebadul company regarding the Turkish Helva vary among the following flavors:

 Tahini cocoa Helva, tahini Helva, pistachio tahini Helva, vanilla tahini Helva

As for the Syrian Helva which is distinguished from Turkish Helva with minor differences, it is made according to the method followed in the Helva companies in Syria, and it enriches the Helva with a special taste such as Helva sweetened with Sudanese sesame or Guinean sesame.

Wholesale Helva

Information on the wholesale prices for tahini Helva

Regarding the Wholesale Helva prices in Turkey, they depend on the sizes of packages containing the Helva. Each package of Helva has a different price than the other, also, there are some products of Helva that enjoy good specifications and prices that satisfy everyone.

Importing Helva from Turkey

Places of wholesale Helva selling

One of the best places for wholesale Helva selling is Tebadul International Trading Company, which provides the best of its first-class Helva products at cheap prices, Tebadul International Trading Company also secures everything necessary to the delivery of Helva products to our valued customers in a safe manner in different countries.

Wholesale Helva

Importing Tahini Helva from Turkey - Method of Packing, Packaging, and Shipping

Many customers import Turkish Helva via Tebadul company thanks to the high quality of our products and the safety in transporting and importing these products to other countries.

In order to ensure that these products arrive safely to the other countries, we do some procedures that keep these products safe, where the Helva is packed in a package designed for them, these packages are designed in different sizes and shapes to maintain the quality of the product, and also to secure all the sizes that the consumer needs. 

Then the packages go to the packaging stage by placing them in a large board dedicated to them, then they are transferred to the shipment stage through importing Helva from Turkey to the world.

Wholesale Helva prices

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