Detailed Guide to Turkey's Exports and Development

Detailed Guide to Turkey's Exports and Development

Tebadul International Trade provides you with information on the volume of Turkish exports this year, developments that contribute to its increase, and the most important products that Turkey exports to various countries of the world.

Volume and Total Turkish Exports in 2022

Turkish exports recorded a big jump in the last phase, breaking records during June this year, with the value of exports reaching $23.4 billion. This value recorded achieved a monthly increase of 18.5% compared to the same month last year, while Turkey's total exports during the first six months of this year amounted to $126 billion.

In light of new developments in the export and trade sectors, Turkey's exports are expected to increase to $300 billion by 2023.

How has the Volume of Turkish Exports Evolved in Recent Years?

This significant jump in Turkish exports and the significant growth in export volumes in recent years can be traced back to the following factors:

  • Developments in various industrial sectors in Turkey.
  • Relying on local resources in manufacturing.
  • The presence of labour contributes to the increased movement and supply of industries out of the country.
  • The quality of Turkish imported products and their competition for their counterparts in European countries.
  • Under the CORONA virus phase, some new conditions imposed themselves on the world trade market, which is why many international companies are moving to open factories in Turkey, due to their geographical proximity to European and Arab countries.
  • Minimize imports through the establishment of factories in various sectors.
  • Efforts by the industrial sector in collaboration with other institutions to improve and strengthen transport corridors and logistics, and policies aimed at enhancing quality in low-production sectors, to enhance export value added.
  • Large figures were recorded for Turkey's exports to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Arab and European countries during the recent period.

What are Turkey's Most Important Exports?

Some of Turkey's most important exports this year include:

Turkey's Food Exports

According to figures from the Federation of Turkish Food and Beverage Industry Associations, known in Turkey as TGDF, the agriculture, food and beverage industry generated $10.1 billion in exports, compared to $8.6 billion in imports in the first five months of 2022.

In a related context, based on data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Turkey, the food below was the first of the items exported during the first five months of this year, accounting for 39% of the Turkish export rate in 2022:


Value of Exports

Sugar Products

$974 million

Vegetable Oils

$831 million


$815 million

Fresh Fruit

$721 million

Fisheries and Marine Products

$576 million

Turkey's Chemical Exports

Turkey's chemical industry maintained its leading overseas export position in March and April this year, and according to data from the Istanbul Chemical and Product Exporters Association (IKMIB), Turkey's chemicals sector increased its exports to $3.3 billion in April this year, up 53% from the same month in 2021.

According to the data, the most prominent chemicals exported from Turkey during April this year were as follows:

  1. Mineral fuel
  2. Oil
  3. Metal products
  4. Plastic
  5. Inorganic chemicals and products

Turkey's Agricultural Exports

Turkey's agriculture sector broke records in the volume of Turkish exports throughout history during the first two months of this year, with exports reaching $5.351.378,000, with Turkey's agricultural exports accounting for 15.5%.

The most prominent agricultural materials in Turkish exports were as follows:


Value of Exports

Grains, pulses, oilseeds and their products


Fresh fruits and vegetables


Fruits and plant products


Dried fruits and their products


Animal and aquatic products


Furniture, paper and forest products


Turkey's Clothing Exports

Turkey's ready-to-wear exports in the first five months of this year reached $8.8 billion, accounting for 8.6% of Turkey's general exports during the period, ranking fourth in Turkey's export sector.

Turkish exports of Turkish clothing types were as follows:


Value of Exports

Knitted fabric products and accessories

$4,714, 217

Woven fabric products and accessories


Other products of fabrics


Turkey's Furniture and Furnishings Exports

According to Turkish export figures for March 2022, furniture exports in Turkey increased by 29.7% compared to the same period in 2021 to $752, 861,000. The sector's share of Turkey's total exports during the period was 3.3%.

Turkey's furniture sector witnessed a 27.8% increase in the value of exports from January to March 2022, and Turkey's furniture and furnishing exports increased by $1.933,279,000.

Turkey Exports

The most imported products from Turkey in the furniture and furnishings sector are listed in the following table:


Value of Exports

Cardboard and printed publications




Cages, panels and wooden pallets


Other wood products


Forest products


Other Turkish Exports

The development of Turkey's industrial sector has led to high demand for Turkish products from foreign markets, and consequently, exports have been active, particularly exports of automobiles in Turkey, electrical and electronic tools and industrial and construction materials, while the most important imported products were natural gas and oil.

The following table shows Turkey's most important export sectors in May this year:


Volume of Exports


Industrial sector

$17 billion and 969 million


Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

$545 million


Mining sector

$365 million


Which Countries do Turkey's Exports Go to?

Turkish exports to neighbouring countries reached $11.4 billion in the first six months of this year, according to the Ministry of Commerce data.

This is a table in which we explain the countries most imported from Turkey during May this year:


Export Volume


$1 billion and 491 million

United States

$1 billion and 272 million


$978 million


$2 billion and 265 million


$1 billion and 558 million


$1 billion and 159 million

How Can Tebadul Help You Export the Most Important Products from Turkey?

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