Tahini Wholesale Trade - Import From Turkey

Tahini Wholesale Trade - Import From Turkey

Importing tahini from Turkey via the Tebadul company We sell Turkish tahini in wholesale with distinctive specifications and at the best prices, we also provide the services of shipping, unloading, and customs clearance.

What are the advantages of Turkish tahini?

Turkish tahini is used in the preparation of many types of food and it is one of the important foodstuffs that provide the body with high calories. It is prepared by milling the Sudanese sesame using special stone machines made for this purpose, these machines preserve the properties of sesame without changing its taste.

Places of wholesale tahini selling

Turkish tahini is one of the food products that are part of many cooks in our societies, it contains high nutritional values and provides great benefits to the body. Many traders are looking for places of wholesale tahini selling to buy it and make it available to consumers.

Tebadul International Trading company is one of the most companies that provide the  Turkish Tahini product and cares about the tahini trading it provides at the highest available quality.

Turkish tahini

Information about the wholesale tahini prices

We provide several varieties of tahini products to the sellers, some of which are made using Sudanese sesame, others with guinea sesame, and the wholesale tahini prices differ according to the type of sesame used in producing it.

Tebadul Company puts the best tahini products of all kinds in your hands and at cheap wholesale prices.

importing tahini from Turkey

Import Tahini From Turkey - Method of Packing, Packaging, and Shipping

Many merchants are looking for Tahini wholesale in the Arab world as well as importing tahini from Turkey, thanks to the great popularity that the Turkish tahini enjoys and the good taste it adds to the food.

Regarding the packaging of our products like the Turkish Tahini, Helva, and other products, they are packaged in glass, plastic, or metal packages. These packages come in a variety of shapes and weights and ensure the safety of these food products.

After the packing and packaging stage, these products move to the shipping stage, they are loaded in a certain number of packages in one unit then they are being shipped in a safe manner to the countries of the Arab world, the Middle East, and other countries of the world.

Red tahini

Tahini is one of the most important sources of natural fats in which there are nutrients of vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and the difference between it and between the regular tahini is that the red tahini is made by milling roasted sesame with its crust, and this gives the tahini its red color.

wholesale tahini

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