What are the import steps from Turkey?

What are the import steps from Turkey?

Here is an article from Tebadul International Trade explaining how to import from Turkey, how to find the right supplier and product, and steps to follow dealing with commercial brokerage firms.

About the Turkish Market in the Last Decade

After the significant development of the Ministry of Commerce in Turkey in recent years, which has positively reflected the domestic situation, the Turkish market has witnessed a significant renaissance in export to various countries of the world, and Turkish products have reached various international markets, especially Britain, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

This high demand from international countries for export from Turkey is due to diverse products, high quality, and cheap prices compared to their counterparts in European markets.

Turkey, on the other hand, has achieved a historic achievement in exports, registering the highest monthly export rate in its history in April 2022. According to official data, Turkey's exports in April reached $23.4 billion, an increase of 24.6% compared to the same month a year earlier.

Import Steps From Turkey

The Most Important Steps to Import from Turkey

Import steps from Turkey are as follows:

1- Finding the Turkish Market for the Right Supplier and Product

When searching the Turkish market for the right supplier and product, you should identify the right specifications and suppliers, and if these specifications are available, it is very natural to succeed in the process of importing products.

Among the most important specifications of the supplier in the Turkish market are:  

  • It is preferable to deal with a supplier who relies on advanced technological methods, keeps pace with developments, and innovates in the design and manufacturing making the buyer more confident.
  • Choosing a supplier that offers the highest quality.
  • The price provided by the supplier must be linked to quantity, quality and service, and terms of payment and delivery together.
  • The availability of advanced systems of control and inspection in the supplier factories, gives the customer greater confidence and confidence, in terms of the supplier's compliance with the required quality standards, and reduces the likelihood of rejecting the goods, as a result of non-conformity of the required specifications.
  • The supplier's reputation in the commercial market plays a major role.
  • The obligation to provide the goods on time, the quality of the products, and its good treatment to customers.
  • The extent to which it can grant financial facilities in the payment and rebate process.
  • The supplier must have a strong financial position because it reduces the likelihood of a shutdown and increases its ability to provide for all the needs of the buyer.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish market is rich in options that meet all commercial investors. As there are many products and import and export companies, importers must look in the Turkish market for the right safe supplier and product.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Finding a Resource Yourself

The prices, the quality of the products, the duration of the import, the ability to keep up with the requirements of the market, the whereabouts of the supplier, and the credibility it enjoys, are among the most important criteria you set in your account when searching for the right supplier for you in the Turkish commercial market.

Finding the right supplier for your business in the commercial market is very serious, due to a lack of full knowledge of how to communicate properly with suppliers. The resulting errors may cause you to fall prey to networks of deception and fraud, thus resulting in a significant loss of your trade and money.

On the other hand, you can get satisfactory results from imports and exports, if you have sufficient knowledge on how to find the right supplier, and negotiate with them.

As for the steps that lead to the right resource, they are as follows:

  • Accurately identify product specifications before communicating with suppliers, not knowing that exposes you to problems that cause your loss.
  • Communicate with suppliers who can cover the needs of all products to be imported.
  • Order samples after contacting suppliers.
  • Negotiate with suppliers and try to get the best prices.
  • Compare bids, and choose the right supplier.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Dealing with a Commercial Brokerage Firm

Commercial brokerage firms are companies that play the role of intermediary between importer and exporter, relying on social networking and public relations with companies or brands, which come through work in e-marketing.

With the diverse demand and supply methods and new variables in the global commercial market, the role of commercial brokerage has increased and has become very important, and therefore the broker has gained many advantages, including:

  • The broker helps get as many customers and investors as possible at the commercial level.
  • The broker can look for the best and most prominent goods that match the specifications that the customer wishes to buy.
  • The broker tries to reach the best specifications for the required goods, at the lowest possible prices.
  • The broker follows up on cargo shipments using various methods.
  • The broker concludes the contracts and knows how to complete them in a way that satisfies the seller and the buyer.
  • The broker always sees the items displayed within the market and their quality.
  • The broker studies the financial strength of competitors, the degree of competition, and the willingness of the market to display many products to standard specifications.

Many people think they can do it very easily. But it seems that the profession of a business broker is difficult that needs many specifications, and once one of them has been lost, this could emerge as a clear defect of commercial brokerage, including:

  • A strong personality capable of meeting all the challenges that arise in the commercial market.
  • The broker must have the skill of persuasion to complete the deals he pursues easily.
  • Acquire the negotiating skill and response force by accessing the offers available, before starting the negotiating process.
  • Know technological methods, analyse business processes, and speed up the completion of different transactions.

Import Routes From Turkey

2- Checking Legal Matters and Contracts

In the world of international trade, legal matters should be based on sales and purchase contracts. The sales contract is intended to be a legal document signed between the seller and the buyer, a contract under which the ownership of a particular object is transferred from one party to another in exchange for an amount of money agreed upon by the parties. 

Although there are many types of sales contracts in international trade, each contract has conditions, so that the seller and buyer do not fall under fraud or fictitious sale, it is related to some simple legal matters governing import conditions from Turkey.

3- Agreement on the Product’s Delivery Date

High-quality delivery increases confidence between importers and shipping companies, a specific time must be committed for products to arrive in the destination country.

Agreement on the date of delivery at the time agreed between the importer and the exporter is one of the controls to which Tebadul company is bound in Turkey, ensuring that the goods reach their destination as specified on the date specified in the contract between the parties.

How To Import From Turkey

4- Agreement with a Shipping Company

Safe shipping companies must be dealt with to ensure that commercial goods reach the destination country safely. 

With many import routes from Turkey and varied shipping methods, it is necessary to choose the optimal shipping route suitable for the product, which is important to pay attention to when agreeing with shipping companies.

Here, Tebadul plays an important role in providing the necessary shipping services to wholesalers and import and export companies, taking into account all necessary standards. 

5- Checking the Required Papers for Export

Quality standards, compliance with specific specifications and free of errors preventing them from passing through customs must be taken into account when exporting from Turkey.

All papers required for export must also be ascertained and there are no errors. For example, not mentioning the country of origin or source of origin results in the rejection of the goods at customs and the charging of a fine to the importer.

It should be noted here that Tebadul company specialized in the Turkish commercial market is focused on the validity of all official papers to avoid getting into trouble when clearing customs.

Import From Turkey

6- Dealing with a Customs Saviour

You must deal with a customs saviour with great experience in the export of goods, check the quality of the services he will provide, and the speed of the procedures to be carried out by the customs saviour. We can refer here to the role of Tebadul International Trade which has a team of professionals in customs clearance processes for various goods and products. They have sufficient experience and speed in accomplishing their tasks.

Can You Import From Turkey Online?

Importing from Turkey online or shopping online has become a modern concept in the world of shopping, thanks to which the importer has found a wide range of options for various types of Turkish products.

Importing from Turkey and shopping online are options for importers, just look for your order within different online shopping sites, which ensure full details about the product, such as prices, specifications and ingredients.

Turkey has many online shopping sites, which have achieved many benefits for its users, and ensured great ease of shopping.

What are the Services of Tebadul Company in the Field of Commercial Brokerage in Turkey?

Tebadul is an essential source of imports from Turkey and is interested in exporting goods and products of various kinds from Turkey to all over the world, with highly professional and credible business, providing commercial services to Turkish products at a high level.

These services start from finding the product in Turkish factories until the moment they are received by the customer, in addition, our services at Tebadul Company continue at all stages of purchase as follows:

  • Provide various shipping routes to individuals and companies and provide the necessary support.
  • Plays the role of commercial brokerage professionally through its relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and shipping companies.
  • Arrange everything related to negotiations to get the best prices and arrange the receipt of goods.
  • Full supervision of packaging and internal shipping processes to export the product to the destination country.
  • Facilitate customs clearance and shipping by specialized experts.
  • Allocate an independent section of feasibility studies to the investment projects of its clients.

Import Conditions From Turkey


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