Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Slovenia

Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Slovenia


Do you want to import from Turkiye to Slovenia? The demand for Turkish products is increasing significantly and many people have started to like the uniqueness of products manufactured in Turkey. A quick look at what Slovenian citizens who immigrated from Turkey purchase reveals many choices. Slovenians like Turkish-designed clothing, home textiles, jewelry, accessories, luxury goods, and a plethora of other things. This blog provides a detailed guide to importing products from Turkiye easily.

Reasons to Import from Turkiye

  • Location and Natural Resources: Turkey has a strategic advantage because to its location in the corridor across three continents. Due to the location, geological problems are unlikely to be a problem. Turkey's natural resources and geographic advantage contribute to higher product quality at the first stages of manufacturing. Despite this, the items' pricing is still quite reasonable.
  • High Product Quality: Customers can import the highest-quality products from Turkey to fulfill their anticipated demands and requests. Even though it's thought of as a subjective idea, some criteria and requirements objectify product quality. In any industry for which they are created, Turkish goods are of high quality and exhibit good performance, appropriateness, dependability, and durability.
  • Profitable Investment: Customers may choose from a large selection of brands to locate the ideal product. As a result, you may win over every type of client and industry. More appropriate items can be found since the materials are more easily accessible.
  • Technology and Factory Development: Turkey employs skilled and experienced workers and has been operating on four continents with worldwide standards for financial, administrative, and technical instruments. Turkey has the largest and most sophisticated plants in the industry.

Types of Shipping Methods from Turkiye to Slovenia

Air Freight

Air shipping is the fastest method to ship your goods and services. This method is preferred when the delivery time of products is crucial for the customers. This method, however, may cost you more than any other shipping route. you should be careful when choosing the appropriate method for shipping goods. One of the most popular routes for planes is to depart from İstanbul Airport to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.

Sea Freight

There are two ways to ship by sea with ocean freight from Turkey: full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). Your items will be transported separately when you order a full container load, giving you the flexibility to use the whole container's capacity as needed. Conversely, LCL shipping combines your shipment with that of other carriers. It is therefore ideal for light loads.

Here are the main routes between ports in the two countries:

  • Sea freight from Gemlik to Koper
  • Sea freight from Ambarli to Koper

Land Freight

Land freight is known for its affordable costs because the type of machinery used determines the wages. This includes refrigerated trucks, specially designed for transporting food, vegetables, and fruits, as well as large transport trucks (trailers) with payloads exceeding 50 to 60 tons. Land freight is characterized by high flexibility and quick response to shipping requirements or changes.

Customs Clearance for Shipping from Turkiye to Slovenia

Customs value can be determined by following various approved ways of establishing the customs value, or by using the prices of similar or identical items. Customs duties are often computed using the information on a filed invoice. The rate of customs duty, which is established by classifying products according to the unified nomenclature of the common customs tariff, is often used to compute import duties. Except for tobacco products and items for which there is a zero rate of customs tax, import charges can be computed at a flat rate of 2.5% for non-commercial goods whose total worth does not exceed EUR 700. If a traveler requests it before the items are cleared through customs, a customs authority may nevertheless determine the import charges at the rate specified in the customs tariff for the products in issue.

shipping from turkiye to Slovenia

How Much Does Shipping from Turkey to Slovenia Cost?

Tebadul International Trade offers affordable shipping services between Slovenia and Turkey.

It should be easy to get the cheapest pricing to estimate your shipping costs. Using our free shipping rate calculator, you may obtain accurate real-time pricing for the most economical shipping rates from both domestic and international carriers.

We welcome your contact if you would like to discuss transportation providers and routes in further depth. Together, you and our specialists can decide which option is ideal for your products while accounting for all relevant variables.

Shipping from Turkiye to Slovenia with Tebadul

At Tebadul, we take pride in providing competitive prices in the international trade sector, leading to more affordable freight solutions. We work side by side with our courier partner to meet the needs of our clients.

If you choose our service to transport your goods from Turkiye to Slovenia, you will be able to monitor the progress of your ship using a smart tracking system with details updated regularly.

Here are some of our freight services:

  1. We get the required customs paperwork and obtain import and export permits in Istanbul.
  2. Handle a wide range of packaging services.
  3. To move the items as quickly and cheaply as possible, we select the right road transport providers.
  4. We offer the best services for keeping purchases in our warehouse and retrieving them.
  5. We create the paperwork needed for the purchases to begin the shipment process to the customer's country.

Contact us today and get the best quotes.

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