Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Serbia

Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Serbia


Are you looking to prosper your store with high-quality Turkish Products? Turkiye produces the finest textiles, clothes, and dried food. You can grow a successful store by selling Turkish products. Usually, investors and retailers find a golden opportunity in importing high-quality products from Turkiye.

However, you don’t have to be troubled by this anymore. As an international trade company, Tebadul will help you achieve your goods with the least effort from your side. This blog will explore the different sides of shipping goods and help you decide which methods are suitable for shipping products.

What Are the Types of Goods Commonly Shipped from Turkiye?

Turkey has quietly been building their manufacturing capabilities over the last decade. The country offers a wide range of top-quality manufacturing for European product suppliers. The ten highest growth industries in Turkey currently range from vehicle manufacture and machinery. (as well as computer components) to precious metals and gems, to clothing and textiles as well as mineral fuels.

Types of Shipping Methods from Turkiye to Serbia

Air Freight

An alternative word for items shipped via an air carrier is air freight which is the best option for transferring expedited items around the world is air transport services.

Planes provide the shortest path and fastest route from Turkiye to Serbia. It may take about 1 hour 25 minutes and depart from İstanbul Airport (IST) and arrive at Nis Airport (INI). There are flights departing every 1-2 weeks on this route. Here are some of the starting and ending points for the air freight:

  • Istanbul Airport to Nis Airport
  • Esenboga International Airport to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
  • Adana Sakirpasa Airport to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the process of moving containerized cargo loaded onto ships by sea.

Serbia has no sea port so your shipments should go through Greece and then be moved to Serbia by another means such as trucks. The quickest way to get from Turkey to Greece by ship will take about 17h 28m, depart from Aliaga (TRALI), and arrive in Piraeus (GRPIR) in Greece. Another possible path is from Gebze to Piraeus.

Land Freight

Land Freight is the transport or movement of goods from one location to another location on land. Land freight from Istanbul to Belgard is the cheapest method. Trucks are affordable for short distances like this. Your land freight is expected to be moved from Turkey to Serbia in four days by land.

Customs Clearance for Shipping from Turkiye to Serbia

The Regulation on Harmonisation of the Customs Tariff Nomenclature for the Year 2023 has been enacted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Determining an item's tariff status by the law and any regulations derived from it is necessary to classify it under the customs tariff.

Documents required for Customs Clearance in Serbia

The following documents are required for customs clearance:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin (if applicable)
  • HS Code of the products you are importing

How Much Does Shipping from Turkey to Serbia Cost?

Tebadul International Trade provides economical shipping services from Turkey to Serbia.

Finding the best prices to estimate your shipping expenses should be simple. You may get precise real-time prices for the most affordable shipping rates from both local and international carriers by using our free shipping rate calculator.

If you would like to discuss transportation companies and routes in more detail, we encourage you to contact us and consult with our experts to determine the best option for your goods taking into account all influencing factors.

Is the Shipment Cost Based on Size or Weight?

Couriers often charge based on the size or weight of the item, whichever is greater. 'Volumetric Weight' is the calculation used to determine this. The primary exclusion is flat-rate services, which impose a fixed cost on bundles utilizing particular boxes. In those circumstances, shipping a box of feathers or concrete would cost the same.

How to Select the Best Shipping Method

  • Type of Goods: Think about the kind of items you are transporting first. Certain items are better suited for alternative shipping options. For instance, you can choose an extra-protective shipping option, such as expedited shipping or air freight forwarder services, if you are delivering breakable things.
  • Destination: Think about where your package is going. Select a delivery option that provides door-to-door delivery if you are sending to a rural location. However, you might be better off using a service that allows pick-up if you are sending to a city. Also, take into account the distance.
  • Urgency: Is there an urgent need for your shipment to be delivered? Different shipping methods have different speeds available. For instance, ground delivery often takes the longest time, but express shipping is typically the fastest.
  • Cost: Take into account the shipping expenses. There are charges associated with different shipping methods. For instance, although air freight is typically faster than ground transportation, it might be more expensive.

Shipping from Turkiye to Serbia with Tebadul

At Tebadul, we take pride in providing competitive prices in the international trade sector, leading to more affordable freight solutions. We work side by side with our courier partner to meet the needs of our clients.

If you choose our service to move transport your goods from Turkiye to Serbia, you will be able to monitor the progress of your ship using a smart tracking system with details updated regularly.

As we have partnerships with a wide range of couriers, you have the privilege to choose the ideal solution that help you at the best price possible.

Contact us today and get the best quotes.

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