Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Greece

Shipping Your Goods from Turkiye to Greece


Investors who work or intend to work in international trade have to deal with the dilemma of shopping costs and delivery time. If you consider express shipping for example the shipping cost of your goods will rise and therefore pricing policy will be changed accordingly. Importers want to ship goods at the lowest cost possible. How is that can be done? This blog explores the different options for shipping and provides a complete guide to choosing the best method for different products.

Reasons to Import from Turkiye to Greece

  • Variety of products at competitive prices: Importing from Turkiye could be the optimal opportunity to succeed in international trade as you can bring new products into the local market at low cost. Turkey's products are more reasonably priced for importers because of its reduced manufacturing costs when compared to several other nations.
  • High-quality products: Many importers opt to source goods from Turkey since Turkish goods are renowned for their excellence and workmanship. The availability of natural resources and the adoption of high standards in production make Turkish products compete with the best products in the world.
  • Strategic Location: Turkey is located in both Europe and Asia and borders several countries. Because of its ideal location, companies looking to expand into areas like Central Asia and the South Caucasus may use it as a starting point.
  • A Promising Future: Traders and investors have been lured to create offices in Turkey to participate in a market that provides substantial prospects for better profits because of the remarkable recovery of the Turkish market in the import and export sector in recent years. With an average yearly growth rate of more than 5% in recent years, Turkey's economy is expanding quickly.

Types of Shipping Methods from Turkiye to Greece

Air Freight

Air Freight achieves consistency and punctuality which are the essential components of any delivery system. That’s why air cargo is the most trustworthy mode of shipping. Air Freight is the fastest to transport your merchandise, especially for long-distance travel. As a result, your warehousing cost is lowered because you don’t need to store your goods in storage for a long time.

Here are some options for air freight routes:

  • Adnan Menderes International Airport to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.
  • Esenboğa International Airport to Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is all about shipping containers and how they help you transport your goods via the ocean. Selecting maritime transportation makes sense for several reasons. Because shipping by water reduces carbon emissions, it is also a greener method of shipping products. Additionally, it moves more slowly, and the items being transported will endure less damage.

Here are some popular routes for sea freight routes:

  • Aliaga to Piraeus
  • Gebze to Piraeus

Land Freight

Land Freight plays an essential role in the supply chain of domestic and international product distribution. It moves products and goods from their origin point to their final destination where they could be sold or consumed. It is possible to transport goods by road from Turkey to Greece. The total distance is around 1,606 km.

The Cheapest Route from Turkiye to Greece

The least expensive method of transporting goods from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, Greece is to carry it by truck to the port of Istanbul, transfer it to a ship sail it to the port of Piraeus, and then deliver it by road to the final destination in Athens. The projected overall transit time for the route, including terminal handling at transit ports and loading and unloading activities at the origin and destination, is approximately 16 days.

shipping from turkiye to greece

Customs Clearance for Shipping from Turkiye to Greece

Complicated import fees and taxes can result in delays at customs, unforeseen shipping charges, and a loss of business for sellers. We make sure you are aware of the total amount due upfront to save you from potential shipment delays.

The taxable value of your shipment multiplied by the tax and duty percentage for Greece will yield the import duty rates for your shipment.

Remember, import duty percentages vary for each category of goods.

Although the customs procedure may appear rather difficult, our shipping providers will help you every step of the way. You must make a thorough list, or inventory, of everything you plan to bring into Greece. This list should be as precise and comprehensive as possible. Since your container could be physically inspected by customs officers, your inventory must be accurate.

How Much Does Shipping from Turkiye to Greece Cost?

Tebadul International Trade offers affordable shipping services between Turkiye and Greece.

It should be easy to get the cheapest pricing to estimate your shipping costs. Using our free shipping rate calculator, you can request a quote for the most economical shipping rates from both domestic and international carriers.

Our team is also ready to answer your inquiries regarding cost and routes to choose the best option for your delivery.

Shipping from Turkiye to Greece via Tebadul

Tebadul, an international trade company, is located in Istanbul. It provides a reliable courier service for businesses and individuals who want to import from Turkiye. You can transfer products and goods from Turkiye to any place in the world at the lowest cost possible. We also provide a wide range of commercial services from finding the best supplier to preparing the required documents for import and export.

Please, Contact us today and get the best quotes.

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