Shipping from Turkey to Yemen: Routes and Costs

Shipping from Turkey to Yemen: Routes and Costs

This article shows the shipping methods for Yemeni importers from Turkey, the most important methods, shipping conditions, costs, and the services of Tebadul International Trade.

Shipping Routes from Turkey to Yemen

Goods from Turkey to Yemen can be delivered by various means of shipping: land, air, or sea through government mail companies or express transport. However, since air and sea freight are more convenient and easier than shipping by land, they will be the ones concerned in detail and clarification.

Sea Freight from Turkey to Yemen

Heavy weights are known to be shipped by marine vessels intended for cargo. What distinguishes sea freight is its low cost and competitive price offers.

Imports from Turkey can be made by safe sea freight by full containers in ships, where they reach vital ports on the Arabian Sea, the Gulf, or the Red Sea of Yemen.

Air Freight from Turkey to Yemen

It is an important fast means of shipping for light or medium-weight goods, preferred by those who wish to receive their goods within a specific time so that they cannot tolerate delay or postponement.

Goods arrive at Sana'a International Airport, Hodeida Airport, Aden Airport, or other airports depending on the destination requested by the importer.

Prices and Shipping Costs from Turkey to Yemen

Shipping prices from Turkey to Yemen vary according to weight, distance, and shipping companies, and the greater the shipping quantity, the lower the cost. Note that there is partial shipping on goods for those whose goods do not fill a full container, so that they pay part of their cost, depending on the weight and size, but in general, there are always quotations from companies to gain the satisfaction of importers.

Shipping from Turkey to Yemen

Shipping Steps from Turkey to Yemen and the Required Documents

Before the importer ships his goods, he must be familiar with the laws of the exporting country and the regulations of the importing country to know how to ship his goods at the lowest cost and easiest way.

It is known that each country has its conditions and facilities that it provides to support the country's economy concerning exports, as well as the importing countries determining regulations for materials that allow their import only.

In turn, Turkey has set some conditions, commensurate with the type of goods, whether food, commercial or industrial. Some of the most important of these conditions are:

  • The goods shall be accompanied by regular invoices in the name of the company and the importing trader.
  • It must be one of the items that are allowed to be exported.

There is no doubt that the extraction of the necessary papers accelerates the reduction of the time it takes for the shipping process, so it is necessary to secure and prepare them, so that the goods are not subject to delays, namely:

  • A certificate of origin to show the source of the goods intended for export.
  • Invoice certified by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
  • Shipping document showing receipt of the goods by the shipping company.
  • Valid commercial registration of the importer.
  • Health certificate showing the safety of the product (if it is a food product).
  • Ensure the authenticity of the import and export papers of the company or importer.

Top Shipping Companies from Turkey to Yemen and Tebadul Company Services

There are many shipping companies from Turkey to Yemen that the importer can trust, as the best company for shipping and transporting goods is the one that seeks to gain the importer's trust by delivering imported goods and materials quickly and safely, in addition to its interest in statistics and sorting services, packaging, customs clearance, and follow-up until they arrive and receive them by the importing merchant.

In this regard, Tebadul International Trade Company provides its customers with its best services, according to the most appropriate price offers, and also provides the necessary support for shipping operations, and the subsequent sorting, packaging, and classification, whether for companies or individuals, through its relations and dealings with the best shipping companies in Turkey.

We can also provide commercial services for wide products from Turkey, starting from finding the product, through negotiating with producers and preparing it for shipment and ending with receiving it.

Tebadul Trading Company, through its relationships with suppliers and shipping companies, seeks to provide brokerage and commercial representation services for your business and transactions.

For more information and clarification, you can contact one of the company's representatives, or visit our website.


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