Expert Advice for Successfully Shipping from Turkey to Sweden

Expert Advice for Successfully Shipping from Turkey to Sweden
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Best Shipping Methods from Turkey to Sweden

1. Air Freight from Turkey to Sweden

  • Speed

The quickest and safest option to ship your items is through air freight. For expensive, delicate, or tiny products, it is usually advised. Importers frequently employ it because of its rapid transit time for items with short shelf life, such as food.

  • Reliability

Is timely product delivery one of your main priorities? Air freight is very predictable since airlines often adhere to schedules with consistent arrival and departure times.

Because most air freight services operate on regular schedules, sometimes with hourly departures, even a delayed trip wouldn't result in a significant delay.

  • Security

Concerned about your goods not being damaged or stolen? Safety is crucial because air freight frequently transports goods with significant value. As one of the safest forms of transportation, air freight requires very minimal handling in contrast.

Things are swiftly authorized at the airport, where strict regulations govern the safety of cargo. This lessens the possibility of theft and harm.

Main airports in Turkey (Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport)

Main airports in Sweden (Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport)

2. Sea Freight from Turkey to Sweden

  • Cost

Sea transportation offers shippers the most cost-effective freight options, especially for long distances. According to some estimations, the cost of ocean freight transportation is four to six times cheaper than that of air freight shipping.

  • Capacity

Sea freight services may typically meet your demands regardless of how many things you have. Sharing the cost of the shipping services is made possible by grouping smaller shipments with other products to fill a whole container.

  • Flexibility

Shipping huge quantities of products abroad by sea is the most economical choice. It is a very dependable method of transportation because goods can sometimes be delivered to their location in a couple of weeks.

Sea freight is also a very versatile shipping option since many vessel types and itineraries are available to fulfill the demands of diverse commodities and shipping timetables.

Main ports in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin)

Main ports in Sweden (Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm)

3. Road Freight from Turkey to Sweden

  • Flexibility

Road shipping is the most flexible and cost-effective mode of transportation, especially when moving goods between nearby or adjacent nations. But today, it is also possible to transport goods across long distances successfully via land.

  • Tracking

Most road freight service providers offer online tracking so you may follow the movement of your package from origin to destination in real-time.

  • Door-to-Door Delivery

Express road offers customers a somewhat more affordable alternative, but it is still a door-to-door service that will ensure that your cargo is managed from collection to delivery.

Turkey to Sweden flags

Calculating the Cost of Shipping Goods from Turkey to Sweden

Tebadul International Trade offers top shipping services from Turkey to Spain at affordable prices.

Our free shipping rate calculator gives you accurate real-time quotes for the best shipping rates.

For more information about shipping costs, you can use this link to get a quote for your shipment: shipping rate calculator

Tips for Determining the Best Ways to Ship Your Goods to Sweden

  • The Shipping Company's Reputation

The elements that determine a shipping company's reputation are its level of customer service and its promises of on-time delivery. Look up the ratings, reviews, and opinions of the businesses.

It would be beneficial if you could get first-hand information from friends or relatives who have used shipping services. A business won't have a good reputation if it doesn't keep its promises.

  • Cost-Effective Shipping Packages

The best shipping firm shouldn't be chosen just based on its wide reach and superior services. Many reliable businesses provide affordable logistics and transportation services.

  • Experience and Reliability

If the shipping firm is not committed, consistent performance cannot be achieved. To maintain a spotless record, a strict approach and clearly defined processes are required.

The company's experience is essential since it enables it to eliminate the possibility of mistakes. A novice can wind up using poor techniques, which could cause issues.

  • Level of Service

The standard of service quality is another crucial factor that you must consider. A business that provides logistical services may charge fair prices. Nevertheless, there are a number of ways they can be compromised. Before choosing the best, be sure the service is of top caliber.

  • Dedicated and Timely Support

There are several divisions and potential difficulties involved with shipping. Modern security procedures will be used by a reliable shipping firm to guarantee a prompt arrival.

For obtaining real-time information, the shipping company's dedicated help is essential, as is having a thorough understanding of the delivery timeline in case there are any unanticipated delays.

Turkey and Sweden handshake

Goods and Products Shipping Requirements

An importer needs only a tax number to import all but restricted items, such as firearms, hazardous materials, and other products that may be imported by authorized establishments only or for which approval from relevant agencies is required.

Control Certificates are required for certain animals, animal products, and plant materials for production (such as seeds, seedlings, saplings, and flower bulbs) before importation.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Shipping Dangerous Goods Internationally.

Why is Tebadul the Most Reliable Courier Service for Shipping from Turkey to Sweden?

Tebadul is the go-to choice for affordable shipping from Turkey to Sweden. Our team of experts guarantees safe, secure delivery of your packages on time.

We offer a variety of shipping options to find the best solution for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our services and to receive a quote for your shipment.


There are many ways to ship to Sweden. Tebadul offers the best shipping services at affordable prices.

The cost of shipping freight from Turkey to Sweden will depend on several factors, including the shipping mode you choose (LCL, FCL, or air), the type and size of your shipment, the origin and destination ports, and more.

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