Shipping methods and costs from Turkey to Oman 2024

Shipping methods and costs from Turkey to Oman 2024

Before talking about shipping from Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman, it is necessary to refer to the prominent role that Turkey has played after becoming an important center for importing and exporting many goods and products to the Gulf, Arab countries, Europe, and the rest of the continents and countries in the world.

It’s important to talk about how goods are transported and shipped from Turkey to other countries and the Sultanate of Oman in particular.

Shipping methods from Turkey to Oman

Shipping methods from Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman are different, as goods can reach it by various means of shipping air, land, or sea, through private express transport companies or the government postal company.

Since shipping via air and sea companies is more convenient and easier than land companies, the details will be discussed in detail.

Sea freight from Turkey to Oman

It is known that heavy loads are shipped by sea freight vessels because sea freight is known for its lower cost than others, and the competitive prices between companies.

Therefore, sea freight from Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman is preferred over other shipping methods, and the shipping process can be carried out by containers or full ships insured to the ports of the Sultanate, such as the port of Salalah, Sohar, Duqm, Sultan Qaboos, or other ports.

Shipping from Turkey to Oman

Air freight from Turkey to Oman

It’s one of the fast and most important means of shipping medium-weight and light goods. This method is preferred by those who want to receive their goods quickly and on time.

Goods arrive at Muscat International Airport, Salalah Airport, Sohar Airport, or Duqm Airport.

Prices and shipping costs from Turkey to Oman

Shipping prices from Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman vary according to the weight, distance, and the company with which it is agreed to complete the shipping process, but there are always acceptable price offers to satisfy customers.

Shipping terms from Turkey to Oman and required documents

Before shipping goods; the importer should get familiarized with the regulations of the country and the laws of the exporter as well as the importing country. So that the importer knows how to be able to ship the goods at the lowest costs and the easiest way. Each country has facilities to support its economy and conditions related to the process of exporting abroad, as well as a list of imported materials determined according to lists that are allowed to be imported only.

In turn, the government of Turkey has set conditions for export, according to the type of goods, whether food, commercial or industrial.

The most important of these conditions are:

  • The products shall be of the materials allowed to be exported.
  • Regular invoices shall be attached in the name of the company and the importer.

In order to approximate the time taken for the shipping process, the necessary documents to know in order to be secured must be ready, which are:

  • Verify the validity of the import and export documents of the company or the importer.
  • Have a regular invoice certified by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
  • The commercial register is valid for the importer.
  • Shipping document showing delivery of goods to shipping companies
  • The approved certificate of origin shows the source of the goods destined for export.
  • Issuance of the health certificate showing the health of the product if it is a food product.

shipping rates from Turkey to Oman

What are the best shipping companies from Turkey to Oman?

There are many shipping companies from Turkey to Oman that can be trusted. The best shipping companies are the ones that deliver imported goods and materials quickly and safely, in addition to sorting, counting, and statistics services, packaging and packaging, customs clearance, and follow-up until the customer arrives to receive it.

Tebadul International Trading Company offers services to its clients at appropriate prices, the necessary support to provide shipping services, and the necessary supervision over operations such as sorting and packaging - for individuals and companies - through its relationships and dealings with the best logistics shipping companies in Turkey.

It also provides commercial services for many products from Turkey, starting from securing the product and ending with receiving it. Through its relationships with shipping companies and suppliers, the Tebadul Company seeks to provide commercial representation and mediation services for your business.

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