Shipping Steps from Turkey to Europe and Best Companies

Shipping Steps from Turkey to Europe and Best Companies

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Shipping Methods from Turkey to Europe

Turkey is located within a strategic geographical location on the international map, making it an important link between the continents of Asia and Europe, and a central country on global supply lines and chains.

Turkey and the European Union countries had historical relations based on the principle of good neighbourliness, trade cooperation and facilitating the movement of goods and products until the understanding culminated in the signing of the customs union agreement between Turkey and the European Union countries.

Turkish exports to the European Union countries set record numbers of $93 billion in 2021, out of a huge trade volume of up to $143 billion annually.

Thus, more than 41.3% of Turkey's total exports are to the European Union countries, which enhances the movement of transport, shipping and trade between the two countries.

The most important ways of transporting and shipping goods from Turkey to Europe are:

Land Freight from Turkey to Europe

As there is a common land border between Turkey and Europe, with many border crossings between them, land freight is the main way of transporting and shipping goods from Turkey to Europe, via trucks or trains.

Sea Freight from Turkey to Europe

Sea freight from Turkey to Europe often departs through ports from the Black Sea to Eastern European countries, and then by land to the rest of Europe, or through the ports of Marmara and Aegean to European ports directly on the Mediterranean.

Shipping from Turkey to Europe

Air Freight from Turkey to Europe

Goods are carried out through Ataturk Airport dedicated to transport and cargo purposes in Istanbul Province, to various European airports.

Shipping Costs and Rates from Turkey to Europe

The prices and costs of shipping from Turkey to Europe are low compared to transportation and freight expenses between different countries around the world; this comes as a result of close distances and advanced logistics infrastructure in both Turkey and Europe.

The availability of all types of air, land and sea freight between Turkey and Europe makes companies provide a lot of offers.

Tebadul International Trade works to provide the best prices and shipping offers to its customers importing from Turkey to various parts of the world including European countries.

Conditions of Shipment from Turkey to Europe and the Required Papers

The export of products from Turkey does not require complex conditions and insurmountable procedures, but the Turkish government tends to facilitate and encourage export operations following the country's comprehensive economic plan, which aims to increase the volume of production and raise the volume of exports.

Shipping procedures are routine, including detecting products, quality, and conformity with international and international specifications, whether legitimate or not, with customs clearance procedures and others.

Commercial brokerage firms in Turkey often undertake these procedures on behalf of clients, as part of a wide range of services they provide to importers wishing to import from Turkey.

Shipping Rates from Turkey to Europe

What are the Best Shipping Companies from Turkey to Europe?

Tebadul International Trade is one of the best shipping and commercial brokerage companies operating in Turkey, which works to provide professional logistics services to its customers of importers wishing to import from Turkey to Europe.

Tebadul offers a wide range of services such as conformity of Turkish products with European specifications, product packaging, customs clearance, and shipping.

In addition, it provides sources of products that the customer wishes to import, following up on legal contracts and obtaining registered commercial agencies.


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