Marine shipping from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

Marine shipping from Turkey with Tebadul International Trading Company

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Sea shipping from Turkey is the undisputed most-important means of commercial shipping, as all types of goods depend on it for transportation because it has competitive shipping fees compared to other shipping methods in addition to the possibility of shipping all kinds of goods through it.

In this article, we learn about the advantages of marine shipping from Turkey, its disadvantages, and the services of Tebadul International Trading Company in this field.


Marine shipping from Turkey

Marine shipping is considered the most important type of international shipping around the world. The great development in this area has increased people's dependence on it greatly, also, the marine shipping has facilitated the international trade operations greatly and remarkably, where the ships have been developed and built with enormous sizes and capacities.

Turkey is known for its high shipping capacity in its giant and many ports, not to mention that it overlooks many important seas like the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Marmara Sea, and the Mediterranean.

Turkey sits on an extremely important global location that made it an important commercial crossing for many shipping lines. The importance of the Bosporus Strait, which is an artery that feeds all countries of the Black Sea, is not a secret to anyone. Turkey's territorial waters also extend south to meet many European and Arab countries as well.

marine shipping from Turkey

What are the advantages of marine shipping?

  • The extremely large capacity to ship all products whatsoever, as shapes and features of ships used in shipping vary greatly.
  • The huge carrying capacity, where marine shipping can transport huge quantities of products, for example, a single ship may contain several types of products at once, not to mention the giant weights and sizes that can be shipped by sea.
  • Diversity in shipped goods, after the development in the maritime shipping, it was possible to transport various types of materials whether they were solid such as various containers, building materials, and grains, passing through gas and liquid materials such as liquefied gas, oil, and chemicals, in addition to heavy and giant shipments such as stones, machinery, weapons, aircraft, all the way to transporting animals and livestock.
  • The presence of ships specialized in shipment one type of materials only, in this field we see ships with a wide and open surface used to stack containers and ship it, other ships with tanks designated for gas, oil, or liquid materials in general, in addition to ships that contain cargo deck in which they transport solid materials such as wood and grains, as well as ships that contain refrigerated containers to transport perishable food items such as meat, frozen fish, and much more.
  • The suitable shipping rates from Turkey, as the marine shipping fees are considerably good compared to other shipping methods.
  • Sea shipping in Turkey is characterized by a safety factor that greatly exceeds all kinds of land shipping.

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What are the disadvantages of marine shipping?

  • Marine Shipping operations are accompanied by a lot of logistical and service procedures and many transactions that are imposed by customs clearance departments.
  • The relatively long shipping time compared to other shipping methods, this is considered a normal thing due to the types of materials shipped by the sea that cannot be shipped by any other means, in addition to the long distances that this type of shipping can cross even if it takes days or weeks in some cases.
  • Slow response speed for shipping, where this type of shipping is not suitable for fast or emergency shipping because of the administrative transactions it needs and the time it takes for delivering the shipment.

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Services of Tebadul Company in the marine shipping from Turkey

Sea shipping services cover the largest portion of our work at Tebadul International Trading Company due to the diversity of products shipped by sea, and we provide you with a transportation network of the most important Turkish export ports, in addition to what accompanies it of internal transportation services from factories to the exporting seaports. Through our professional team, Tebadul provides you with all services regarding marine shipping such as:

  • Packing and Packaging.
  • Customs clearance and what comes with it of certificates and procedures, etc. through a professional team specialized in various types of merchandise and familiar with the export and shipping laws.
  • Reserving the dock and sections in the port for your products along with ensuring that your products are monitored to make sure they are safe.
  • Reserving all types of containers.
  • A great relationship with the most important marine shipping lines from Turkey by which we cover many countries and destinations, enabling us to reserve the nearest available shipping dates to ensure the fastest arrival of your products, as well as choosing the best and most secure of ships.
  • The ability to professionally transport heavy materials, chemical products, and medical devices and equipment.
  • Completing insurance procedures related to the product during shipping.

Through our integrated services in the field of sipping from Turkey, we aspire to reach leadership among shipping companies in Turkey, through excellence, honesty, high experience, and many facilities in all areas of commercial exchange and all kinds of shipping.

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