Sanitary Ware Industry and Factories in Turkey

Sanitary Ware Industry and Factories in Turkey

Due to Turkey's progress in heavy and light industry, it has become competitive with international markets, which has made it a destination for traders and investors who aspire to the right prices and competition.

About Sanitary Ware Products in Turkey

The features of prosperity in Turkey appear in various ways, the most important of which is the development of industry and construction.

These materials are abundant in Turkey; therefore, many traders and investors consider importing sanitary ware from Turkey. Tebadul International Trade clarifies and indicates the most important features of sanitary ware materials, and the best factories and companies.

What Stands out for the Sanitary Ware Industry in Turkey?

Sanitary ware factories are located in various Turkish states, and the sanitary ware industry in Turkey is one of the vital industries due to the increasing demand locally and internationally. It features high quality, commitment to standards, and competitive prices.

Therefore, Turkey comes at the forefront of the industrialized countries in the export of sanitary ware to neighbouring countries, Europe and the world, which made it an important trade centre.

Sanitary Ware Factories in Turkey

The Most Important Sanitary Ware Factories in Turkey

There are many sanitary ware factories in Turkey, the most important of which are:


It is a foreign trading company based on the principle of quality and standards control, experienced in serving the construction, cladding and ventilation sectors for many years, and is keen on delivery on time and acceptable price, and will continue to serve customers according to the same standards.

  • TASARIM YAPI Company

It has continued work since 1997 to design saunas, under the name of the specialized and famous brand in Turkey and the world, and the continuation of effort and work in the sauna sector led to the creation of one of the leading brands under the name: (Juno Spa), having expanded its product range and diversity of production of wood, marble and metal, depending on the development of the sector over time.


A company specialising in the manufacture of fast consumables, and sanitary ware, based on foreign trade, it was founded in the Turkish industrial city of Kocaeli.


TOPSAN Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 in Istanbul, where it began its production by selling its sanitary ware with one product, then added new products according to a development plan in the following years, then gained the trust of both the consumer and the importer, and became one of the most important companies.

Sanitary Ware Products Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

The rise in the prices of raw materials in the world has had an impact on various industries, including the manufacture and production of sanitary ware. Although the quality of materials has increased the proportion of exports, production costs have generally risen in the domestic market.

The increasing demand for sanitary ware in many types and forms also increases its price in the domestic and global markets. So, there is no fixed price, but there are always quotations that satisfy importers.

How to Get a Commercial Agency for Sanitary Ware Products in Turkey

Through Tebadul International Trade, you can obtain a famous agency for a company of manufacturers and producers of sanitary ware and accessories, the company is ready to be an intermediary to obtain the agency of the most famous manufacturers and producing companies in this field.

Methods and Steps of Importing Sanitary Ware from Turkey

Sanitary ware can be imported from Turkey in one of three ways:

  • You can travel to Turkey and ascertain the goods on the ground.
  • You can give power of attorney to a commercial intermediary to secure the desired product in exchange for an agreed amount of money.
  • Online Order: Although it is an easy way, it is risky. You can choose the right furniture products, and then order and ship them from Turkey, but you should be aware of some fake companies' websites on the Internet.

Sanitary Ware Industry in Turkey

How Can Tebadul Help You Import Sanitary Ware from Turkey?

Tebadul International Trading Company provides importers interested in sanitary ware with the best offers related to its manufacture and production, such as bath mixers, showers and sanitary wiring pipes, and provides its customers with information about the most sought-after materials from exports.

The company also works to provide its integrated services to export these products, where it communicates with the best manufacturers and producers, supervises the clearance of goods easily, and follows up with you on the stages of shipping.

For more information, you can contact our team who are ready to provide you with the necessary and adequate support.


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