Packing and Packaging Services in Turkey With Tebadul

Packing and Packaging Services in Turkey With Tebadul

During the merchandise import process, companies often need innovative solutions to distinguish themselves in the market and protect their product from being counterfeited. The good packaging process helps in this matter greatly, these companies distinguish their product through the packaging and private brands, in addition to the products that help in the marketing process.

For example, choosing innovative designs and shapes for product packages contributes greatly in making the products distinctive in the market and protects them from being counterfeited.

The good packing and packaging are also very important in some other products such as furnishings, machinery, accessories, paintings, household and glass products, and other products.

How is the packing and packaging process done best?

One of the main reasons to make sure you get good packing and packaging:

First: making sure that the goods are safe and that they will not be damaged or get harmed during the shipping process, also, the good packing and packaging process help in not losing any of the small pieces; where the quality of the packaging is confirmed by using shock-absorbing nylon, cardboard, and foam board, in addition to putting the small pieces in strong packaging, along with creating a numbered table of the assets to make it easier for the customer to review the order upon arrival.

Second: Saving on shipping; the right packaging helps in finding wider spaces in the shipping containers as space is taken into account in the packing process, which helps in reducing the number of containers needed for shipping or placing the entire shipment in one container, taking into consideration not to harm the goods.

food packing and packaging

Also, the perfect packing and packaging save you a lot of money in cases of air shipping, as shipping cost is calculated according to the volumetric weight (i.e. the cubic space that the shipment takes within the shipment).

We in Tebadul International Trading Company have chosen excellence as our motto, we have also adopted workmanship as a goal and the satisfaction of our customers as our purpose, and we achieve all of that through securing the distinguished product from the producer to the importer, to be an honest link, we provide the investors and those who want to import from Turkey the most important Turkish products, and at the same time, we provide packing and packaging services that suit the products and are good for the marketing of these products, whether for large products such as equipment, machinery, and furniture for those who wish to import furniture from Turkey.

Or packing and packaging foodstuffs such as spices, rice, coffee, and other products, as well as packing and packaging medicines, clothes, or any other Turkish product.

What does Tebadul International Trading Company offer you in the packing and packaging field in Turkey?

Tebadul International Trading Company provides you with packing and packaging services for your products starting with manufacturing products under your own brand name, in addition to the accompanying services such as preparing or printing your own packagings or printing the logo of your commercial trademark.

Whether you need your products to be packaged in plastic, glass, or metal containers (depending on the product you request), we in Tebadul International Trading Company are ready to provide you with the right solutions.

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We also provide our customers with the opportunity to add the best technical touches to your products through our specialized designing team, a team that is expert in processing and designing packages, packagings, and bags with attractive creative touches, as well as providing you with the latest in the packaging industries around the world, to be, proudly, the best packing and packaging company in Turkey.

Besides, the good packaging of your products ensures that the product arrives safely unharmed as if it had just left the factory, not to mention saving money in the shipping process.

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