Land shipping from Turkey to all countries of the world

Land shipping from Turkey to all countries of the world

The means of commercial shipping are numerous, their importance, benefits, problems, and prices vary between one shipping method and the other, and based on it, the owner of goods chooses the most suitable shipping method.

Land shipping from Turkey is one of the effective shipping methods for many of the surrounding countries. Let us learn more about it in this article.

Land shipping from Turkey

Land shipping: is transporting goods on board of several land transportation means such as cars, trucks, or trains.

Commercial shipping

This type of shipping is known for its relatively low costs and the fees depend on the type of vehicles used, for example, the medium transport vehicles with a load of fewer than 20 tons, up to large transport trucks (trailers) with a load of more than 50 to 60 tons, as well as refrigerated and special trucks that transfer food, vegetables, and fruits.

Turkey is located on a very important trade line between Europe, Asia, and the Arab world, it is a major link between several countries, recently at the end of 2019, China and Europe were connected through Turkey with a fast train line that carries goods through this important vital artery.

What are the features of land shipping?

  • Land shipping is characterized by its high flexibility, as it is easy to secure the appropriate truck, order it, and send the shipment.
  • Very suitable when the exporting and importing countries have common land borders, as it is cheaper than the sea or air shipping.
  • Suitable for medium shipments/cargo and lower in terms of weights and size.
  • The main option in the countries that do not have seaports.
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What are the disadvantages of land shipping?

  • The factor of safety is low compared to sea and air shipping because the level of traffic accidents is still high around the world, as driving trucks depends very much on the human factor and other factors as well.
  • Not suitable for large and huge shipments whether in terms of weight or amount of the shipment. At a time when land shipping enables a company to import 50 new cars from a neighboring country by 4 or 5 carriers, the marine shipping transport may secure the transport of more than 1,200 cars at one time.

The most important countries that benefit from land shipping from Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by many countries that have land borders with it, some of these countries have no seaport, forcing these countries to depend on land shipping from Turkey mainly in their dealings and trade.

Some of the most important countries that import goods through land shipping from Turkey are Bulgaria, Greece, and many of the European countries that come after them, the line of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia which is stopped now due to the Syrian crisis, the Iraq-Jordan line, the Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenian line, in addition to Georgia and Russia line.

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The land shipping from Turkey to these countries is feasible usually, because of the direct border link and the availability of highway networks that link them together.

This does not mean that land shipping is not available from Turkey to other countries, as this is estimated based on the conditions of the goods and their destination.

What does Tebadul International Trading Company offer in the land shipping?

Tebadul International Trading Company provides you all services of the land shipping from Turkey through its strategic partnerships throughout the Turkish territory, to secure your needs of different shipping vehicles of all sizes, in addition to vehicles for the transportation of machinery, heavy equipment, and car carriers that have a load of more than 10 cars per shipment, all of that is provided at the best shipping fee from Turkey.

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Tebadul also provides the human element services of specialists and professionals in loading various materials, as well as the necessary raw and packaging materials, lift vehicles, forklifts, and winches.

Tebadul International Trading Company also provides you with dry and cooled transportation services, ensures strict control of the cargo and that it is not damaged, and ensures that the temperature of the load is controlled during shipping, to guarantee you the best integrated services that set us apart from the other shipping companies in Turkey.

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