Jam Industry in Turkey and the Most Important Factories

Jam Industry in Turkey and the Most Important Factories

Turkish industries are in demand more than ever, and the food sector of all kinds comes at the top of industries, and jam is perhaps one of the most important types to be exported worldwide.

About  Jam Industry in Turkey

Since the jam industry was primitive, the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire used to eat various jams, as ancient times Turkish jams have been known for their quality and excellence, thanks to Turkey’s fertile orchards and abundant fruits.

Most factories use fresh fruits to prepare and make jam, giving it a taste and flavour.  

Top Types of Jam to Import from Turkey

Turkish jam is known for its quality and excellence regardless of type, including strawberries, cherries, figs, quince, apricots, apples, oranges and berries, pumpkin, potatoes and eggplants. Some factories in Turkey produce green chilli jam, as well as jam made of watermelon peels. But mostly strawberry and cherry jams are among the best and most sought-after varieties on the market.

The Most Important Companies and Factories of Jam in Turkey

Some produce jam by traditional household methods in small quantities, and some make it in factories equipped with the latest modern machines for cooking, sterilization and packaging.

Various food and jam factories are found across Turkey; to mention a few: Saitoglu, Burcu and Dogbes, Yenigun, Eylul Minel, and Maman.

Companies in Turkey

Average Jam Prices in Turkey (Wholesale)

Every year the food factories in Turkey produce large quantities of high-quality jams; many tons are exported worldwide. Factories compete to offer premium prices to customers and merchants.

Due to the instability of prices in the local and global market, prices record varied figures up and down. But in general, prices remain acceptable and competitive compared to global markets.

How to Get a Commercial Agency for Turkish Jam

Tebadul International Trade provides commercial agencies for most famous food companies and guarantees the rights and duties of both the agent and the client, the notarization of the contract and the duration of the agency, the trademark of the company, and the conditions agreed upon among parties.

Ways and Steps to Import Jam from Turkey

One of the principles of successful deals is the adoption of reliable methods and steps of import. After studying the local market and identifying the price of goods, studying feasibility, choosing the type of jam, and determining the required quantity, price and method of payment, the shipping papers are submitted to ship goods to the specified destination.

How Can Tebadul Help You Import Jam from Turkey?

Our team provides you with the best offers and prices of high-quality jam products of all kinds and in all quantities.

It also provides all the clarifications on the methods of importing jams from Turkey, puts in your hands all options, and shows the easiest ways to choose the product and factory according to a well-thought-out price list, as well as shipping services and processing the necessary papers.  

For further enquiries and information, you can contact the company's representatives who will support you with details.


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