Turkey Industrial Investment Guide

Turkey Industrial Investment Guide

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What is Industrial Investment?

It is one of the investments that specialize in the production and manufacturing sector through the establishment, purchase or operation of factories and production lines in various fields.

Investors establish new factories or invest in factories and production lines already on the ground, such as buying a share of successful factories to get annual profits periodically.

Is Turkey a Fertile Environment for Industrial Investment?

Turkey was based on several factors that made it one of the most important main destinations for investors in industry and production, as the Turkish government took advantage of its strategic geographical location, at a central point on the road to global supply chains.

The government also encouraged international investors and has become the focus of attention of many international companies in moving their factories and production lines to the country.

Turkey's strong and developed infrastructure has also played an important role in making it a fertile environment for industrial investment, as the country has railways, land routes, airports and many modern and sophisticated seaports, in addition to the industrial cities scattered around the country and fully equipped.

Advantages of Industrial Investment in Turkey

The advantages of industrial investment in Turkey are summarized in several different elements, as follows:

  • Transport and Shipping (Logistics)

It is one of the most important advantages of industrial investment in Turkey, as the country has a strategic geographical location and modern and developed land and sea ports, which provide shipping operations for goods and export easily worldwide at low costs.

  • Manpower

Manpower is one of the most important advantages of industrial investment in Turkey, as Turkey has skilled labour at acceptable wages. Turkey is one of the countries with many young people able to enter the labour market.

  • Production Costs

Turkey has large geography with a lot of raw materials for manufacturing industries, so the cost of production is much lower, making it flexible for marketing products and promoting them outside the country.

  • Infrastructure and Equipped Places

Some of the important features that attract investors to invest in the Turkish industrial sector are industrial zones equipped with advanced and fully serviced equipment, as well as transportation and shipping operations and storage spaces. 

  • Taxes and Government Subsidies

The Turkish government aims to increase domestic production and raise the volume of the country's exports as a lever force for the local economy. Therefore, the Turkish government encouraged internal and external investment in the production and industrial sector, by providing packages of government support to this sector and reducing the volume of taxes.

Industrial Investment in Turkey

Conditions of industrial investment in Turkey

The conditions for the industrial investment of a foreign citizen in Turkey are as follows:

- The investor must obtain an official residence permit in Turkey to resume the rest of the steps to enable him to start investing and conduct his business properly.

- The value of the investment in the industrial field shall not be less than the minimum stipulated by law.

- Extract a tax number in the name of the company and officially register it in the state archives.

- Opening an official bank account in the name of the industrial facility.

It should be noted that the foreign investor in the industrial investment in Turkey is treated the same as the Turkish investor, and meets the same conditions.

Areas and Opportunities for Industrial Investment in Turkey

1. Food Industries

It is one of the most important industries in which Turkey, forming a good share in the world market. Turkey is one of the important agricultural countries that sit on the throne of countries producing many important crops such as hazelnuts, apricots and others.

2. Chemical Industries

Chemical industries such as cleaning materials, paints and others are among the most important products that Turkey manufactures and exports worldwide. The chemical industry is one of the most important areas that provide real investment opportunities.

3. Clothing and Textile Industry

The first market for the Turkish clothing and textile sector was the countries of the European Union, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, thanks to its quality and strong competition with the finest European brands, one of the most important pillars of the production and industry sector in Turkey.

4. Furniture and furnishings industry

Turkey has industrial cities for the production of furniture and furnishings, and the Turkish furniture and furnishings industry has its distinctive imprint on the global market.

Turkey hosts the production lines of the most famous international brands in the manufacture of furniture such as the factories of IKEA, in addition to Turkish brands that took their fame globally after their spread locally.

5. Household Materials Industries

It is one of the most important sectors that provide real investment opportunities. This area is divided into two parts: plastic household materials and household appliances and kitchen appliances, which is a huge sector in Turkey. 

6. Construction Material Industry

It has many various kinds, such as iron, steel, cement, ready-made concrete, interior and exterior cladding materials, marble, construction equipment and many other products related to the construction materials industry.

Does the Turkish Government Support Industrial Investment?

As part of facilities by the Turkish government to increase production and raise the value of exports, the Turkish government is working to provide many packages to support the industrial investment sector in Turkey, such as:

  • Exemption investors from real estate tax for a period of 5 years when they establish industrial cities in Turkey
  • Exemption of the industrial establishment from municipal taxes
  • Reduce production costs on water and natural gas consumption of industrial facilities
  • Other exemptions and reductions according to certain cases

Why are International Companies Opening Factories in Turkey?

Turkey has emerged over the last two decades as a country of strategic importance at several different levels, the most important of which is its distinctive geographical location and advanced industrial infrastructure, in addition to its advanced position globally in the transport sector and logistics support by air, sea and land.

Manpower, professionally and technically equipped, has been a major attraction for many international companies around the world in moving their production lines and factories to Turkey.

Turkey, for example, is one of the most important countries that produces Ford and Renault cars globally, in addition to electrical appliances, petrochemical industries, and various food industries.

Industry in Turkey

How can Tebadul Help Provide the Best Industrial Investment Options?

Tebadul International Trade provides the best industrial investment opportunities in Turkey, by providing investments in major international companies and production lines operating in Turkey.

 It also provides industrial investment opportunities in local Turkish companies as well, in various fields.

With its long experience in the production and industry market in Turkey, the Tebadul team works to advise clients to choose the most successful investment.

Tebadul International Trade provides its full services for investors in production lines and industrial work, providing logistical, legal and various equipment.


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